01/30/2024 NEW MUSIC PRODUCTION GIG! Darren mixed and co-wrote some songs on the debut EP from UK rapper K C Q, "Broken Stays Broken." Click for more info about this cool project.

01/04/2024 NEW PODCAST APPEARANCE! Another fantastic episode of Dr. AC's Horror 101, featuring Darren Callahan as knowledgable guest. Films include "Godzilla 1998," "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms," and "Cloverfield." Click here to view this YouTube exclusive.

10/10/2023 NEW OO OO WA REISSUE! To cap off the 30th anniversary of OO OO WA's debut, "Screen Kiss," there is a brand new remaster of the second OO OO WA album "Rock n' Roll Valhalla," which celebrates #28. Contains five bonus live tracks, including a cover of David Bowie's "Cracked Actor." Click here for more.

09/22/2023 THE FLY! In honor of the 50th anniversary of the horror flick "The Fly," with Vincent Price, Darren joined a cool pod, HORROR 101, to discuss the original film and its two direct sequels, "Return of the Fly" and "Curse of the Fly." Very cool discussion!

09/14/2023 NEW OO OO WA SINGLE! In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of Screen Kiss, OO OO WA's debut album, a new vault demo has been retrieved and augmented as a new single for the new century. Enjoy "Talk."

09/08/2023 TLB LYRIC COFFEE TABLE BOOK! UK publisher Sugarkiss is releasing a coffee table book for THE LOUD BANGS! Centered on the band's 8 EPs worth or lyrics, it also is a scrapbook, featuring hundreds of articles, essays, pictures, lists, etc. 500 pages! Crazy. To order, the book, entited "Hazy Parde: The (Approximated) Lyrics of Alice Street," click here. It also comes with an exclusive CD of 10 of Alice's preferred tracks, called "Favorite Behaviors." The CD also features an exclusive remix of "Ex Doll."

07/24/2023 "CREEPSHOW" PODCAST! Darren was part of a 2023 roundtable on Dr. AC's HORROR 101 discussing the 1983 George Romero and Stephen King anthology film, "Creepshow." A great 90 minutes with some very knowledgeable horror celebrities. Click here to view!

07/14/2023 NEW THE LOUD BANGS VIDEOS! A pair of cool new music vids from THE LOUD BANGS, one for "Pretty Checked Out," one for "Avery Parkway."

07/04/2023 NEW THE LOUD BANGS TRIPLE ALBUM! A contract closer with three separate summer releases, including "The Never Never Forever and Ever" (best remixes), "Get Sent There" (Hits vol. 1), and "Kiss Me There" (Hits vol. 2). For more about how this project came together, check this out.

05/16/2023 NEW THE LOUD BANGS EP! Another five-song collection from the band, produced by Darren, which includes the singles "Circus Mirror" and "Ex Doll." All five of the songs have killer videos, so please give a listen. For some behind-the-scenes commentary, click here.

05/06/2023 PODCAST APPEARANCE! Darren Callahan appeared as a guest on the popular Horror 101 podcast, discussing the 1983 releases of the Stephen King adaptations CUJO, THE DEAD ZONE, and CHRISTINE. Tune in to this YouTube exclusive and hear Darren, plus guest Dan Caffrey (co-writer of Darren's cool ass HALLOWEEN franchise film reboot script), alongside host Dr. AC, for this lively discussion.

04/20/2023 NEW LIVE EP! THE LOUD BANGS have released their first live stuff, "Tokyo Recording," from a label showcase in March. Not recorded by Darren, but he mixed it. Check it out!

04/01/2023 TWO BOOKS! Darren wrote the intro to David Scott Hay's excellent dystopian sci-fi novel [NSFW]. He also blurbed the new novel about theatre doings by friend and producer Richard Engling entitled Give My Regards to Nowhere. Darren loved both these terrific books -- so check them out!

03/28/2023 THE LOUD BANGS RELEASE TWO NEW REMIX EPs! "(International) Honey" and "(Hazy) Day Something" are both now available everywhere. Darren remixed these 6 songs of the shoegaze band's catalog. Some of these are better than the original mixes, so worth a listen for sure!

02/14/2023 THE LOUD BANGS B SIDES EP RELEASED! "Stray Honey" is the latest 5-song EP from THE LOUD BANDS, produced by Darren Callahan. Featuring five songs left off the previous 2022 releases, including "Sex Complex" and "Electroprize," two surprisingly good tracks for throwaways. Click here to read more. Available everywhere.

01/17/2023 THE LOUD BANGS REMIX EP RELEASED! "(Exit) Future Plaza" is the latest 3-song remix EP from THE LOUD BANDS, deconstructed by Darren Callahan. Check it out on all streaming and download providers. Features spins on "Spectral Field," "Candy Sometimes Always," and "White Witch."

12/16/2022 FINAL EP FROM THE LOUD BANGS for 2022! Darren Callahan produced (yes!) another 5-song EP by LA shoegaze band THE LOUD BANGS. "Salvation Memorial Hospital" is again five terrific songs from the band, now available for streaming and download. To read some behind the scenes notes, see the album page.

10/04/2022 NEW EP FROM THE LOUD BANGS! Darren Callahan produced another 5-song EP by LA shoegaze band THE LOUD BANGS. "Future Plaza" is again five terrific songs from the band, now available for streaming and download. To read some behind the scenes notes, see the album page.

08/17/2022 PODCAST INTERVIEW! Darren Callahan was a special guest on the podcast BROADS YOU SHOULD KNOW, to discuss in-depth the words of screenwriter Nancy Dowd (SLAP SHOT, COMING HOME, FABOULOUS STAINS). Check it out!

07/26/2022 AND AGAIN YET EVEN MORE LOUD BANGS! The new 5 song EP from THE LOUD BANGS, produced by Darren Callahan, is out now. Entitled "The Alice Experience," it's another indie shoegaze classic-to-be. Click here for more information!

06/24/2022 THE LOUD BANGS ON VIDEO! Lots of new content up on the YouTube channel for THE LOUD BANGS, if interested.

06/07/2022 YET EVEN MORE LOUD BANGS! The new 5 song EP from THE LOUD BANGS, produced by Darren Callahan, is out now. Entitled "Highway Safety Films," it's another indie shoegaze classic-to-be. Click here for more information!

05/10/2022 EVEN MORE LOUD BANGS! A surprise single from the shoegaze band, produced by Darren Callahan, is now available on all streaming and download providers. "Something Left Unsaid" is a cover of a 1986 song by Darren Callahan and Morgan Taylor, with Darren's daughter Charlotte (here billed as "Debbie Nevrr") on lead vocals. Check it out! Destined to be a classic (again!).

04/01/2022 MORE LOUD BANGS! A new remix EP from THE LOUD BANGS drops today. It's three versions of the single "New Flavors," which is the lead track on the full EP, "Introducing The Loud Bangs," which arrives in two weeks. As well, if you're looking far ahead, the band posted a preview snippet video of the June 2022 EP, "Highway Safety Films" at this YouTube link.

03/15/2022 STEVEN SEAGAL! Yes, he's problematic and this is bad timing. But, focusing on the man and not the film, Darren was a recent guest on the podcast APOCALYPSE CINEMA to talk about the 1988-1994 filmography of this controversial actor. Available on all streaming platforms and also as a video on YouTube.

02/14/2022 BOYS IN CULTS! The debut single from Charlotte Callahan, Darren's 15-yr-old daughter's band, BOYS IN CULTS, drops. "Vertigo" is a 3-min garage punk wonder, with Charlotte on lead guitar and bass. Stray Peterson on vocals and rhythm guitar and Maria Azuara on drums. Available now on all download and streaming platforms.

01/20/2022 A TRAVEL SURPRISE! In honor of the band's 25th anniversary (formed in '97) and one Eric Appleby's big milestone birthday, there's a new 4-song EP out. Some of our finest stuff, built upon vault tracks. Check out "Downstairs at Eric's." Now available through all streaming and download providers.

01/19/2022 NEW CHARLOTTE CALLAHAN SINGLE! Darren's youngest, Charlotte, has a new track out worldwide. "Hotel Hallways." Check it out!

01/18/2022 7 SPEED VORTEX REISSUE! The 1998 pop/punk album from 7 SPEED VORTEX, "Hard Luck Din," has FINALLY been reissued for streaming. Caught in a rights debacle, it is now free to rock the world again. Features two Darren Callahan tracks ("Cheapskate Bay" and "Here Come the Bugs") and a full DC production.

01/17/2022 GET SOCIAL! Oh, hey, THE LOUD BANGS now have Facebook and Instagram pages. Do 'em a solid and friend/follow, why don'tcha?

01/14/2022 NEW PRODUCER GIG - THE LOUD BANGS! Three EPs from a new LA-based shoegaze band, THE LOUD BANGS, is out this month. Produced by Darren Callahan, this is a fantastic little project everyone would enjoy. Click here to read more.

12/17/2021 SOVIET CINEMA HITS THE STREET! The second album of 2021 from THE SAD COMEDIES is now available worldwide.

10/31/2021 DEMENTIA PRECOX HALLOWEEN TREAT! With Darren as executive producer, the obscure 1989 track, "Violence," is now available from DEMENTIA PRECOX, the Dayton, Ohio industrial band that was such a big influence.

10/18/2021 NEW OO OO WA EP RE-ISSUE! Going all the way back to 1990, it's the first EP from Darren's pop band OO OO WA, reissued with one never-before-released bonus track, "Don't Make It Any Easier." Now available on all digital platforms. Check it out!

10/10/2021 TWO NEW CINEMENTAL POD APPEARANCES! Darren Callahan was once more a guest on the popular podcast CINEMENTAL. Ep. 112 dives deep into Mario Bava's 1964 giallo "Blood and Black Lace." Ep. 113 is a terrific discussion of Bava's 1966 gothic horror with the terrible title, "Kill, Baby... Kill!"

09/28/2021 FOUR OLD SINGLES RE-ISSUED FOR STREAMING! Four tracks from the 1990s, never before available for streaming, have come out in a "singles box set" from Brazildisc. "Signal Flares & Indicator Lights," "Town of Creeps," "The Sinking Moon," and "Burning Witches. One each week.

09/11/2021 TWO NEW RECORDS FROM THE SAD COMEDIES! On September 20, 2021, the first of two brand new albums from the ambient act THE SAD COMEDIES hits the streets. "Soft Alarms" is a 40-minute ambient travelogue sure to please fans of the first album, "Old Science" (2013). Following shortly thereafter will be "Soviet Cinema," a second aural pleasure. It's been a long wait! But now you get two! Enjoy!

08/29/2021 NEW-ISH BOOK! "The Sixth Terror" now available! It's "The Fifth Terror" + one additional script, "Dead Stranger. Smaller paperback size, too.

08/03/2021 NEW REISSUES! Starting August 20, 2021, a slew of old stuff is coming out on streaming for the first time. First, four new single tracks, released one week apart, including stuff from 1996 and 1997 under the moniker of "Darren Callahan: Early Recordings: Vol. 1-4." Second, an expanded reissue of TEENAGE BLACKOUT's "The Globe Hotel" EP with 6 additional tracks. Lastly, an expanded reissue of TRAVEL's "Whiteout!!!" EP with 3 new tracks.

07/23/2021 NEW BOOK! "The Fifth Terror" now available! Five fun horror scripts -- three brand new, two older. Features "Demon Wasp," "Old Cemetery," "Kiss Me With Blood," "Terror/13," and "Mother Hospital." All in a beautiful vintage packaging trade paperback notching up 500 pages for only 12 bucks.

06/11/2021 PRESS! Newspaper article dropped on the recording of "When a Pill Becomes a Law."

06/08/2021 WHEN A PILL BECOMES A LAW! The new solo album from Darren Callahan drops today on all sreaming and download providers. For exclusive notes and information, click here.

05/25/2021 SECOND SINGLE! The second single from Darren Callahan's forthcoming album, "When a Pill Becomes a Law" drops today on all streaming and download providers, "Waves and Waves."s:

05/13/2021 CHARLOTTE CALLAHAN REMIXES! Darren Callahan did three remixes of his daughter's 2020 track "Damage," available today through all streaming and download providers under the title "More Damage." s://op

05/11/2021 FIRST SINGLE! The first single from Darren Callahan's forthcoming album, "When a Pill Becomes a Law" drops today on all streaming and download providers, "Pocket Radio."s://open.spotify

04/09/2021 MORE CINEMENTAL! Darren Callahan appeared on two episodes this month on the popular movie podcast CINEMENTAL. The first (#81) was a discussion of the 2009 Canadian Zombie movie PONTYPOOL. The second (#82) was about George A. Romero's 1973 virus exploitation film THE CRAZIES. Available through all podcast and streaming providers.lb

03/28/2021 THE RETURN OF UNCLE ANT! Darren Callahan's 1997 radio play "Uncle Ant" was rebroadcast on NPR tonight on the SOUND AFFECTS show last night. Here is a link if you want to give a listen.

https://open.spotify.com/alb01/01/2021 EVEN MORE DEMENTIA PRECOX! Darren Callahan serves as exec producer on a reissue of the Dayton, Ohio band's final single from 1995, "Worxout." Available on all streaming and download providers.

https://open.spotify.com/alb12/28/2020 CINEMENTAL PODCAST, PART ONE! Darren Callahan was a guest star on the popular podcast Cinemental. Part One is a deep chat on David Cronenberg's SHIVERS (1975). Part Two is a deep chat on Massimo Dallimano's WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? (1971). Tune in to see what the people thought of these two salacious choices. Available on all streaming and download providers.

https://open.spotify.com/alb12/15/2020 CRASH DIET! Darren Callahan's youngest has a new EP out, "Crash Diet." Six tracks she plays, sings, and writes, with a few synths by her old man. Available on all streaming and download providers.

11/15/2020 51WORKS PRESENTS TWO NEW VOLUMES OF STAGE PLAYS! Darren Callahan wrote a lot of plays in the 2000s. NYC stage press 51Works has reissue two new volumes, "Mad Scientist Double Feature," which includes "Mass Grave" and "Sub-Genre," plus "Archive: Early Works for Stage," which includes "Water Pressure," "Two Girls Kissing," "The Double Negative," "Filmstars," and "Throw the Control Darts." Now available through bookstores everywhere!

10/31/2020 YET MORE DEMENTIA PRECOX RE-ISSUES! Darren Callahan served as executive producer for another single-reissue by DEMENTIA PRECOX called "I Can't Stand It," now available through all streaming providers.

09/25/2020 MORE DEMENTIA PRECOX RE-ISSUES! Darren Callahan served as executive producer for two recent released from the 80s-90s industrial band DEMENTIA PRECOX. Fans of the band include Trent Reznor and Al Jourgensen. Check out the single mix of "Drive Away Slowly" as well as a 25-minute dance remix EP "Headless," now available through all streaming and download providers.

09/24/2020 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS -- AMAZON SERIES PAGE! All 24 volumes of "The Collected Screenpalys of Darren Callahan" are featured in this cool series page from Amazon. Check it out!

08/09/2020 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS -- REISSUED! All 24 volumes of "The Collected Screenpalys of Darren Callahan" are now available, including Vol. 24, THE AIRSHIP, previously unavailable. New texts, new graphic design, plus a few treats.

07/26/2020 PRESS! New article on Darren beating COVID-19, featuring first time announcements on a new DEMENTIA PRECOX release and the re-issue of "The Collected Screenplays."

07/04/2020 VIDEOS! Here are a couple new music videos from Liam Callahan and Charlotte Callahan, done in a 90s style.

06/23/2020 POP! Darren Callahan's kid Charlotte has a new single out, produced by Prince Grace. "Stuck in This Rotation." Available through all streaming platforms.

06/20/2020 AMBIENT! Darren's kid Liam has a new ambient album out, from his project VICRUS..

05/05/2020 NEW OO OO WA ALBUM - LOST VALENTINES! First new collection from Darren Callahan's old pop band since 2019's popular Hodgepodge. Available now through all streaming and download providers. Featuring the single "Smart Girls" plus rare recordings, demos, and craziness. It's a peek behind the curtain of these crazy pop songwriters! Click here for behind-the-scenes notes.

04/28/2020 NEW DARREN CALLAHAN ALBUM - FILMSTRIPS! Greatest hits of the most chill tracks from 10 years of Darren Callahan's soundtrack work, newly remastered and assembled by the man himself. Includes one never-before-released cut. Available now through all download and streaming providers. Click here for behind the scenes notes.

04/21/2020 NEW OO OO WA SINGLE! "Smart Girls" is the first new recording from Darren Callahan's old pop band since 1995. Available now through all streaming and download providers. Featuring all the original members and Darren's daughter Charlotte Callahan on vocals. A two minute pop gem that you must give a listen to!

04/03/2020 HORROR DADS! Darren Callahan makes an appearance on Horror Dads, a fun podcast about, you guessed it, dads who are fans of or in the horror trade. Listen on Spotify (or visit your favorite podcast streaming service) to hear Darren rattle on about Tom Atkins, The Island, the Halloween franchise, his son and daughter, and anything else that came to mind in this in depth and entertaining talk about horror film soundtracks. Available on all Podcast providers.

12/15/2019 HALLOWEEN! Top secret project afoot. But there's a new franchise script that's killer by Darren Callahan & Dan Caffrey. And the industry is buzzin'.

09/15/2019 IN CONTROL MAKES FINALIST FOR THE PAGE AWARDS! Darren Callahan's sci-fi script In Control has made the Top 10 of the Page Awards for 2019.

08/31/2019 ANNOUNCED! Phantom Soundtracks will be releasing a compilation of Darren Callahan film score music this winter. Called Filmstrips, it will feature the most chill stuff only from 9 movies.

08/20/2019 IN CONTROL MAKES THE PAGE AWARDS! Darren Callahan's sci-fi script In Control has made the Top 25 of the Page Awards for 2019. This is quite a feat, to beat out so many great scripts, 'cos this one... is weird.

07/16/2019 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 22! The 22nd volume in the series entitled Conventioneers is now available.

04/28/2019 TWO NEW BOOKS! Hooper Cinema Classics, which previously released Blood Triangle (2013) has now released a two-volume set of screenplays. Devil Films contains Darren Callahan's New England horror trilogy of All These Devils, All These Demons, and All These Witches.Sex Films contains the Avery Baker sexploitation films Sexxina, All A Girl Can Get, and Pleasure Zone IV. Both feature brand new essays from George Hopkins and Marianne Hansel, plus artwork and the complete text.

04/16/2019 TRAVEL DIGITAL REISSUES! Three Travel albums have been re-released for streaming/download -- Spoken Wor[L]d, A Sleep + A Wake, and Travel Comes @live. As well, a side project from 2008 entitled The Dictionary is also being released. All courtesy of Starfish records.

04/08/2019 ITALIAN AVIATION DIGITAL REISSUES! Three Italian Aviation albums have been re-released for streaming/download -- 1971, 1975, and 1979. Courtesy of Starfish Records.

03/25/2019 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 21! The 21st volume in the series, All These Witches, is now available.

03/08/2019 OO OO WA PRESS! OO OO WA was featured in the hometown newspaper, the Dayton Daily News, in the GO section, this past Friday. Features an interview about the release of Hodgepodge. Click here if you would like to read it.

02/23/2019 NEW OO OO WA COLLECTION! Available for the first time ever on streaming and dowload, a BRAND NEW COLLECTION from Darren's 90s pop band, OO OO WA. Called "Hodgepdge," it's an all-analog remaster of 15 tracks -- rarities, B sides, live cuts, etc. Recorded between "Screen Kiss" and "Rock n' Roll Valhalla" (both available as well), this is a very cool collection worth checking out..

02/07/2019 TEENAGE BLACKOUT RE-ISSUES! Two very cool electronica albums from early in the catalog are now available for streaming and download from all providers. Teenage Blackout's "Theories of Jet Propulsion" (1999) is a drum & bass album and "Berlin Record" (2001) is ambient electronica.

01/21/2019 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUMES 19-20! Click learn more about the latest two from Battery Filmtext, Salamander Lake (vol. 19) and Pleasure Zone IV (vol. 20).

12/15/2018 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUMES 17-18! Click learn more about the latest two from Battery Filmtext, In Control (vol. 17) and All These Demons (vol. 18).

10/09/2018 NEW PRESS! Darren was profiled in a recent article focused on his LA adventure.

10/09/2018 NEW SOUNDTRACK - ALL THE FLOWERS...! Darren's soundtrack for Ward Crockett's 2019 film All The Flowers That Cut Through The Earth is now available through all channels. Click here for some inside scoop.

10/06/2018THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 16! The latest volume of the box set is now available -- it's the sequel to Sexxina, entitled All a Girl Can Get.

10/01/2018 DEMENTIA PRECOX PRESS! Darren did a quick interview on the reissue of DEMENTIA PRECOX's "Huh?" with the Dayton Daily News. Click here.

09/11/2018 OO OO WA ROCK N' ROLL VALHALLA REISSUED! The second album from Darren's pop band OO OO WA, originally released in 1995, has been re-issued on digital/streaming providers. Though not the band's finest hour, it's certainly worth checking out. For more about this album, click here.

09/11/2018 NEW SOUNDTRACK - LVRS! The complete soundtrack to Emily Bennett's LVRS is now available from all streaming and download providers. Click here to learn more about this cool indie film.

09/04/2018 DEMENTIA PRECOX "HUH?" RELEASED! In 1986, one of Darren Callahan's greatest influences released an excellent second album. It is with great excitement that we annouce it has been reissued by Darren's label, Brazildisc, featuring a new master from the original tapes. Click here to learn more about this terrific project. Darren served as Executive Producer on the restoration. Available now on all streaming/download providers.

08/25/2018THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUMES 14 AND 15! The next two volumes of the box set are now available -- fight werewolves with 16MM Accident Film or time travel with Water Pressure.

06/05/2018 AMERICAN BARBARIAN SOUNDTRACK RELEASED! Darren Callahan's score the political horror comedy flick American Barbarian is out! Featuring DC tunes alongside TRAVEL, THE DICTIONARY, TEENAGE BLACKOUT, and KEITH FORT. To read more about the project, click here.

06/04/2018THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 13! The next volume of "The Collected Screenplays of Darren Callahan" is now available - Dead Stranger. Two more volumes coming this summer.

04/05/2018 NEW RADIO INTERVIEW! Darren Callahan gave a 30-minute interview about horror movies, music, and writing to Shriekfest Radio.

03/20/2018 THE SCORE TO AMERICAN BARBARIAN! Darren Callahan has contributed music, including that of OO OO WA, TRAVEL, THE DICTIONARY, and solo material to the political horror flick AMERICAN BARBARIAN, coming soon. Here's the trailer!

03/13/2018 NEW TRAVEL BOX SET RELEASED! In honor of the 20th anniversary of the debut album by Darren's noise rock band TRAVEL, a box set of the six albums has been released to all providers. Check out "Broken Punk Records: The Starfish Recordings (1998-2008)" and read more here.

03/07/2018 NEW PRINT INTERVIEW! Darren Callahan was interviewed at this link.

02/02/2018 NEW SCORES IN THE WORKS! Darren Callahan has signed on to score the music for two films in 2018, both horror. One is LVRS, directed by Emily Bennett, and other is All The Flowers That Cut Through The Earth, directed by Ward Crockett. Stay tuned for more information about these two cool projects.

10/05/2017 SHRIEKFEST 2017! Darren Callahan was a Top 20 finalist out of thousands of entries in the popular LA Horror Film Fest known as SHRIEKFEST LA this month for his screenplay All These Devils. See pics of him on the red carpet with his wife Lisa Callahan and founder Denise Gossett. Click here and here.

07/03/2017 CRY IT OUT - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK! Score for that haunted baby monitor flick is now out. Darren's first digital-only release, on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Click here for some personal notes.

05/20/2017 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 11-12! Released in March and May on Battery Filmtext, the next two volumes of "The Collected Screenplays of Darren Callahan" -- Sexxina and Schoolgirl Sweethearts.

02/20/2017 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 9-10! Released in December and February on Battery Filmtext, the next two volumes of "The Collected Screenplays of Darren Callahan" -- The Battle for Carlyle and All These Devils.

01/28/2017 TEENAGE BLACKOUT ALARM CLOCK WORLD REISSUED! Darren Callahan's electronica band is back in print on streaming services (Spotify, etc.) and digital download (iTunes, etc.) with a reissue of the 2003 classic ambient wallpaper album, brought to you by Plush Toy Records of NYC.

11/01/2016 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 7-8! Released in October on Battery Filmtext, the next two volumes of "The Collected Screenplays of Darren Callahan." Includes Afterschool Specials and Terror/13.

08/13/2016 COMIC-CON! Okay, here's the story about Comic-Con. Darren Callahan will be appearing in Room 1 on Friday 08/19/2016, alongside the Back to the Future and X-Files reunions.  Great guest list this year, so come out and say hello. Here are the details on the Comic-Con page.

07/14/2016 COMIC-CON! Darren Callahan will be a guest speaker at Comicon in Chicago in August. More details coming soon.

07/11/2016 THE COLLECTED SCREENPLAYS, VOLUME 1-6! Released July 11 on Battery Filmtext, the first six of twelve planned volumes of "The Collected Screenplays of Darren Callahan." Includes Documentia, Kiss Me with Blood, Red Park Road, Nerves, Weird Double Features (with Desperate Dolls and I Am An Agent), and Summer of Ghosts. Cool artwook and exclusive introductions, too! Check 'em out.

07/06/2016 BOWIE AND THE FEDERALIST! Darren makes a guest appearance in an article about the late, great David Bowie in the well-regarded The Federalist.

05/21/2016 GALAXY QUESTIONS! Darren and his son Liam are featured in the May 18, 2016 episode of By Grabthar's Hammer, a podcast dedicated exclusively to the 19998 action/comedy Galaxy Quest.

05/07/2016 DARREN CALLAHAN AND DAVID BOWIE! Darren is featured in Robert Dean Lurie's fantastic David Bowie compendium We Can Be Heroes: The Radical Individualism of Davie Bowie. Check out this fantastic Bowie think piece by one of the best rock writers working today. And, lots of Darren quotes about the Berlin period.

04/10/2016 DARREN CALLAHAN TO SCORE CRY IT OUT! Darren has signed to score John Klein's new horror movie, Cry It Out. Look for more news, coming soon!

04/01/2016 10 VOLUME SET OF SCREENPLAYS! Darren has signed with LA's Battery Filmtext to release a 10 volume series of original screenplays. The total set has not been annouced, but likely to be included are Documentia, Kiss Me With Blood, Desperate Dolls, Nerves, and Red Park Road. Release date TBD, but likely Fall 2016.

03/01/2016 TWO NEW SCREENPLAYS! Two new screenplays have been posted here. Red Park Road, a weird ol' haunted house flick, and Kiss Me With Blood, a new take on an horror troupe, the lesbian vampire. .03/01/2016

11/09/2015 DARREN CALLAHAN'S PUBLIC PROFILE RAISED! Quick news -- new Facebook Page, new Amazon Author Profile!

11/01/2015 UK PREMIER FOR CHRYSALIS! Chrysalis, music scored by Darren Callahan, has its UK premier at the British Horror Film Festival in London.

09/14/2015 DARREN CALLAHAN'S TWIN CINEMA! A collection of 31 short writings is now availble from Trouble Press! Visit Amazon or any book retailer to pick it up!

09/07/2015 OO OO WA SCREEN KISS NOW AVAILABLE! The 25th-ish anniversary edition of an early Darren Callahan pop album is now available for purchase. Available at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc. A limited edition CD is also available at CDBaby.com. For exclusive track-by-track notes, photos, etc., click here.

08/25/2015 DARREN CALLAHAN'S TWIN CINEMA! This September, Trouble Press will release Twin Cinema, a softcover compilation of short stories, non-fiction essays, and blogs by Darren Callahan, spanning 1995-2015. Stay tuned for more details!

08/11/2015 OO OO WA's SCREEN KISS REISSUE! In 1993, Darren Callahan was the keyboardist and chief architect of a band called OO OO WA. The band's ROXY MUSIC/David Bowie/ABC-inspired antics produced two albums, two EPs, a live album, a box set, and a b-sides collection. On September 14, 2015, 22 years after its inital release, the band's debut album Screen Kiss will be reissued in a deluxe, remastered edition, with bonus tracks and new artwork. Available through digital providers for the first time (and also a limited edition digipak), be on the lookout for website exclusive content, coming soon! For more information, please visit the Facebook page.

02/24/2015 BATTLE APOCALYPSE NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD THROUGH MAJOR CHAINS! In 2014, the film Chrysalis payed festivals and theatres to great success. So much that it got picked up for national distribution. But that comes with compromises, like a new title, poster, and a sci-fi marketing campaign instead of a horror one. That's the price you pay for the big time. Darren Callahan's score for the movie is still released under the film's original title, but look for a reissue in the future. In the meantime, here are links to where you pick up this excellent movie (Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc.), plus an aritcle about the film and its new title in Horror Society.

01/01/2015 DESPERATE DOLLS SETS RECORD! Darren Callahan's Desperate Dolls has now closed and, remarkably, set the box office record for the theatre in which it played. No small feat, as long as that theatre's been around! For a summary of reviews, click here.

11/23/2014 DESPERATE DOLLS- NOW PLAYING! Darren Callahan's Desperate Dolls is now officially running - 18 performances only! For a video highlighting the season, including DD, click here. For a broadcast with some details about the show, click here and here. For tickets, click here! Oh, and if you want to see the cool postcard with the ladies, click here.

10/13/2014 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN TERRIBLE TROUBLE NOW AVAILABLE! New York publishing house 51Works has released a cool new edition of Darren Callahan's Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble, the three-play cycle featuring Witness to An Accident, Desperate Dolls, and Sources. Available in trade paperback and Kindle with special introductions and graphics alongside the complete text of all three plays. The release is just in time for the production of Desperate Dolls in Chicago this November! Check 'em out!

09/13/2014 CHRYSALIS LA PREMIER OCT 4, 2014! The zombie movie scored by Darren Callahan has its Los Angeles premier on Saturday 10/04/2014 as part of Shriekfest, the major horror filmfest. The screening will be at the gorgeous Raleigh Studios, the film lot across from Paramount, and the same place where John Carpenter made Assault on Precinct 13 and The Fog! Darren will be on the press junket and participating in a post-screening talk back. For ticket information, see this link.

04/28/2014 DESPERATE DOLLS PLAY TO BE PRODUCED IN CHICAGO THIS YEAR! Announced in Chicago Tribune, Time Out Chicago, etc. is the Fall 2014 production of Darren Callahan's stage play Desperate Dolls. Chicago's famous Strawdog Theatre will present the play for a full production run. Produced by Anderson Lawfer (Pontypool) and directed by Michael Driscoll, it will definitely be worth checking out. Opens November 23. Click here for the Strawdog event page (on Facebook). As you know, there was a film version brewing back in 2013; as a side note, that is still in the works. To see the latest trailer, click here.

04/26/2014 CHRYSALIS FREE SOUNDTRACK SAMPLER! Want to hear some choice tracks from Darren Callahan's score for the zombie feature Chrysalis and also get three exclusive cut? All you need to do is sign-up for the film's mailing list and you get the free download. Click here to get your FREE soundtrack sampler EP!

04/24/2014 CHRYSALIS MOVIE RELEASED! You can now buy digitally the complete film, scored by Darren Callahan, featuring two bundles. We recommend the Deluxe HD version, which also contains very cool documentaries on the production, including the Darren in the studio, plus exclusive interviews about the process of making a kickass zombie film. Click here to buy today!

04/22/2014 CHRYSALIS SOUNDTRACK RELEASED! You can now buy digitally or on CD the brand new complete soundtrack album for Chrysalis. Available from fine retailers, such as Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby, etc., or via the Phanton Soundtracks website.

04/11/2014 CHRYSALIS PREMIER TIX NOW ON SALE! Tickets on sale at this link.

04/04/2014 RELEASED - THE THEATRICAL TRAILER FOR CHRYSALIS! Check out the glorious theatrical trailer from Chrysalis. The trailer will debut at the 04/12/2014 Sci-Fi Spectacular in Chicago and then be in theatres thereafter. The film has its premier in Chicago on 04/23/2014. Tickets on sale soon.

04/01/2014 CHRYSALIS SOUNDTRACK UPDATE! Phantom Soundtracks will release Darren Callahan's soundtrack for the zombie film Chrysalis on 04/22/2014. For a glimpse at the track listing, visit the label's website.

03/23/2014 HIDDEN HORROR INTERVIEW! San Francisco's OMNIBUCKET ran a cool conversation between Darren Callahan and Hidden Horror's main man Aaron Christensen.

02/28/2014 RELEASED - FOURTH OFFICIAL CHRYSALIS TRAILER! Check out the fourth official teaser trailer from Chrysalis.

02/21/2014 RELEASED - THIRD OFFICIAL CHRYSALIS TRAILER! Check out the third official teaser trailer from Chrysalis.

02/14/2014 RELEASED - SECOND OFFICIAL CHRYSALIS TRAILER! Check out the second official teaser trailer from Chrysalis.

01/28/2014 RELEASED - FIRST OFFICIAL CHRYSALIS TRAILER! Check out the first official teaser trailer from Chrysalis, the epic zombie feature scored by Darren Callahan. This also announced the release date -- 04/24/2014. Look for much more to come in the future!

12/30/2013 RELEASED - HIDDEN HORROR! Presented by famous editor Dr. A.C. and Kitley's Krypt, with a forward by Bill Lustig (Maniac, Blue Underground), the Hidden Horror coffee table anthology of 101 essays about obscure horror gems from the last 100 years of cinema is now available. Features an essay by Darren Callahan on the Spanish classic "The House That Screamed."

12/02/2013 RELEASED - DARREN CALLAHAN'S BLOOD TRIANGLE! Hooper Cinema Classics edition of Blood Triangle is now available in paperback and Kindle editions.

11/12/2013 IN PROGRESS - CHRYSALIS! Darren Callahan is hard at work scoring the zombie opus Chrysalis, to be released summer 2014. The film looks great in its locked cut and fans of Darren Callahan's previous Phantom Soundtracks scores and Under The Table should be uber-impressed.

09/20/2013 ANNOUNCED - DARREN CALLAHAN'S BLOOD TRIANGLE! Hooper Cinema Classics from LA will be releasing a limited edition three-screenplay trade paperback of Darren Callahan's scripts Nerves, Summer of Ghosts, and The Battle for Carlyle. It's a horror triple threat, coming by Halloween on Amazon and other fine retailers.

09/01/2013 DESPERATE DOLLS POSTPONED! We’d like to thank all our Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and private investors who believe that Desperate Dolls would make a thrilling film! Your support meant the world to us. We regret to announce that the project is now on hold. With the close of the Kickstarter, there are not enough funds to make the film at the level needed to retain the current team, be quality, and land distribution. Know that the project is never completely dead, as the core team will look for any opportunity in the future to make this film happen. If you contributed money to the project, you will be contacted soon about a refund. It was a great journey and we thank you for your support. We’ll leave the Facebook page and other media active for 2013 as a forum to update you about any restart for the film, or scheduled performances of the original stage play, on which the film was based. Thanks again everyone!

08/09/2013 FLASHBACK WEEKEND! Darren Callahan will be at the Doll Films booth at Chicago's annual horror convention, Flashback Weekend, signing autographs and pimping Desperate Dolls.

08/06/2013 NOT DEAD! Darren Callahan has been a busy beaver with the film version of Desperate Dolls, so sorry for the lack of news updates on this page. For more information about the film, be sure and visit: http://desperatedolls2013.com, http://desperatedollsmovie.com, and http://dollfilms.com! Next up - BRAND NEW TEASER TRAILER AND KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN, beginning August 9, 2013!

05/18/2013 WITNESS TO AN ACCIDENT! Darren Callahan's horror stage play Witness to an Accident -- tonight at 7:30 PM! Click here for details.

05/15/2013 DESPERATE DOLLS CROWDFUNDING! The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Darren Callahan's feature-length horror film Desperate Dolls has officially begun! Please visit http://desperatedolls2013.com for the complete information. Also, friend us on Facebook under Desperate Dolls. We're also on Twitter at @desperatedolls. And, as always, there's the main site for the movie, http://desperatedollsmovie.com. The campaign lasts 45 days and we need YOUR HELP to make it a success. Teaser videos, posters, blogs, news announcements, press articles, and personal pleas a-plenty coming your way. Help make this film a reality! Remember, that's http://desperatedolls2013.com!

04/04/2013 THE SAD COMEDIES - PREVIEWED! Darren Callahan has a new band. The Sad Comedies releases their debut album 06/18/2013 on Plush Toy Records. In the meatime, click here for artwork, sound excerpts, notes, and other details.

04/03/2013 OMNIBUCKET! Darren Callahan has written another article for Omni regarding the funding of low budget horror films. Click here to read the online edition.

04/01/2013 ARTICLE! Darren Callahan is profiled in this interview from Polarity about the upcoming festival featuring his play Witness to an Accident.

03/20/2013 ANNOUNCED! DESPERATE DOLLS FEATURE FILM! Darren Callahan will write and direct a film based on his play Desperate Dolls. Principal photography is summer 2013 with a 2014 release date. For more information, visit the Desperate Dolls website.

02/22/2013 DARREN CALLAHAN'S WITNESS TO AN ACCIDENT COMING SOON! One of the full plays from Darren's epic trilogy Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble will receive two festival performances this spring. Witness to an Accident is a terrific 2-hour experience featuring beautiful women and, yes, terrible trouble. Dates are Sat 5/18 and Thurs 5/23/2013 at Polarity Ensemble Theatre.

02/15/2013 OMNIBUCKET! Darren has written an article on the Candian zombie movie Pontypool in this week's Omnibucket magazine. Click here to read the online edition.

02/08/2013 DESPERATE DOLLS! Can it be true? I film version of Desperate Dolls written and directed by Darren Callahan, filming summer 2013? Stay tuned...

01/15/2013 OMNIBUCKET! Darren has written an article on Don Thacker's debut movie Motivational Growth in this week's Omnibucket magazine. Click here to read the online edition.

01/08/2013 TRAVEL BLANK SERMONS...CD REISSUE! Now available worldwide, the 2013 reissue of noise rock band TRAVEL's latest opus, Blank Sermons... Relentless Lectures. Available from Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and other fine retailers. You can also click here for personal notes, videos, and details from Darren Callahan about the project.

01/01/2013 NEW TRAVEL MUSIC VIDEOS! In prep for the Jan 8th re-issue of TRAVEL's Blank Sermons... Relentless Lectures CD, there are now three lo-fi music videos for the tracks The Girl Who Lived on Heaven Hill, The Louder the Better, and Speakers.

11/25/2012 THE AUDREY GREEN CHRONICLES MASTER EDITION! All three Audrey Green books are now available in a special "master edition," featuring some amazing artowkr. Available here in trade paperpback and AmazonKindle version.

11/20/2012 NETWORKING! Darren Callahan is hosting a fundraiser-slash-networking party for artists at Polarity! Are you an artist, actor, director, playwright, musician, or just plain bored? Come and hang out with us! Bring your headshot, resume, latest work, whatever. It’s just nice people hanging out at the theatre, talkin’ art stuff. Oh, and drinking.
Dec 1, 7 to 10 PM $10, free beer and wine!

11/19/2012 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN... THE RESULT! Thanks to everyone who attended the special "selected scenes" version of Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble. It was a lot of fun. If you missed it, please find at these links the program (front), the program (back,) and a great still of the fantastic cast.

11/18/2012 "CONNECTION" PUBLISHED IN FICTION 365! One of Darren Callahan's most revered stories, "Connection," is available on the popular Fiction365.com.

11/07/2012 OMNIBUCKET! Darren has written an article on children and horror movies in this week's Omnibucket magazine. Click here to read the online edition.

11/05/2012 REISSUES OF DARREN CALLAHAN NOVELS - THE TRAVELS OF AUDREY GREEN and THE VANISHING OF ARCHIE GRAY! The third pair of six reissues of the novels of Darren Callahan are now available worldwide. The Travels of Audrey Green is the third and final installment of The Audrey Green Chronicles and is available here in trade paperpback and AmazonKindle version. Also, be sure and check out the Audrey Green spin-off, The Vanishing of Archie Gray, also available in trade paperback and AmazonKindle.

10/27/2012 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN... THE POSTER! To see the poster for the upcoming performances of Darren Callahan's Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble, click here. Can you see the subliminal image?

10/26/2012 GLASS CITY FILMS PROUDLY PRESENTS... A VERY SPECIAL HALLOWEEN SURPRISE! The trailer for Darren Callahan's 2012 horror flick Under The Table has passed 60,000 hits on YouTube and had a great run on the festival circuit. In celebration of that, click here for a special treat!

10/24/2012 OMNIBUCKET! Darren has written an article on the forthcoming horror flick Nailbiter in this week's Omnibucket magazine. Click here to read the online edition.

10/21/2012 TWO-PART INTERVIEW! NowSound magazine has run a two-part interview with Darren, where he discusses Phantom Soundtracks and Under The Table. Click for PART ONE and for PART TWO.

10/20/2021 SHORT STORY ON FICTION365! Fiction 365 is running today one of Darren's most popular stories -- "The 30 Day Baby Company" - originally published in Blind in One Eye and as an audio-cast for Well Told Tales. It's a scary, shocking story, which also has a movie option on it! Check it out!

10/17/2012 KEANE! If you like horror, you have to see this video from the pop band Keane.

10/16/2012 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN TERRIBLE TROUBLE! Darren Callahan's three-play cycle, under the umbrella name Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble, containing three-full length plays (Sources, Desperate Dolls, and Witness to an Accident) will have a special staged reading, sponsored by Polarity Ensemble Theatre. Written & Directed by Darren Callahan, the plays are about Hollywood film and disillusionment and are tainted with murder, noir mystery, and horror. Friday, November 16th, and Saturday, November 17th, 2012, both at 7:30 PM Central Time, a fantastic cast (featuring Ellen Girvin, Alyssa Thordarson, Charley Jordan, Zach Uttich, Stephanie Leigh-Rose, Brian Alan Hill, and Michelle Courvais) will perform a "best of" from all three plays in a full evening of sexy theatre. Tickets will be a mere $5 and will be available soon. And, after the shows, there will be networking events and drinking at a nearby venue! Some come for a night of theatre that truly lives up to its title!

10/15/2012 TRAVEL THE MOVIE! A few years back, Darren Callahan wrote and scored an indie time travel movie, which just happens to be the same name as his longest-running band, TRAVEL (though, for the record, it was originally called I AM AN AGENT, but got a title-change on release.) The film's early rough cut of the first 10 minutes made an unexpected appearance on YouTube in a bootleg copy. So, if you always wondered what this weird piece of art looked like, click here. If you want the full story, see TravelTheMovie.com.

10/14/2012 NEW TERRITORY! Darren Callahan is directing Holly Bittinger's play, New Territory. The piece is part of the Tables & Chairs festival (the fifth!) and will be performed at the Viaduct Theatre, 3111 N. Western Ave, Chicago, IL, for two performances only, Monday 10/22/2012 and Tuesday 10/23/2012. Ms. Bittinger is also starring in the play. If you don't know her, she's a talent to watch and is the star of the new Larry Cohen moving shooting RIGHT NOW in Chicago. Click the theatre's Facebook page for more information.

10/05/2012 REISSUES OF DARREN CALLAHAN NOVELS - 6 THE RISE and THE SEARCH FOR AUDREY GREEN! The second pair of six reissues of the novels of Darren Callahan are now available worldwide. 6 The Rise is a horror novel about a city under quarantine and is available here in trade paperpback and AmazonKindle version. Also, be sure and check out the second in the Audrey Green Chronicles: The Search for Audrey Green, also available in trade paperback and AmazonKindle. Next month: The Vanishing of Archie Gray and The Travels of Audrey Green.

09/28/2012 NERVES & SHRIEKFEST! Darren Callahan's horror feature screenplay, Nerves, was acknowledged by LA's big horror film festival, Shriekfest, as one of the best of this year's 3000 entries by a panel of 40 industry judges! Darren will be in LA the first week of October 2012 to schmooze and attend the fest, if you're around.

08/27/2012 CHRYSALIS FUNDING ACHIEVED! John Klein's new zombie movie, entitled Chrysalis, is a GO!, thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign. For the full backstory of the project, check out these awesome videos, many of which feature Darren Callahan (Composer) and a bit of "Under The Table," which John Klein produced. See here, here, here, here, here, and here. The last link has the most Darren crap.

08/14/2012 REISSUES OF DARREN CALLAHAN NOVELS - CITY OF HUMAN REMAINS and THE NUMBING OF AUDREY GREEN! The first of six reissues of the novels of Darren Callahan are now available worldwide. City of Human Remains is a sci-fi serial killer epic is available here in trade paperpback and AmazonKindle version. Also, be sure and check out the cult classic The Numbing of Audrey Green, also available in trade paperback and AmazonKindle. Next month: 6 The Rise and The Search for Audrey Green.

08/12/2012 YES!!!!!! Look who's hanging out with Darren Callahan! It's Ken Foree, star of Romero's 1978 Dawn of the Dead.

08/05/2012 DARREN CALLAHAN SCORES 2013 ZOMBIE FILM, CHRYSALIS! Coming next year from Glass City Films, John Klein's Chrysalis, a post-apocalyptic zombie movie. Darren's done the score for the Kickstarter trailer and other bits, and will score the full production when complete. Click here for the awesome teaser trailer or here for the Kickstarter page. For more information, check out the press here.

08/01/2012 UNDER THE TABLE PLAYS BLUE WHISKEY FILM FEST! Darren Callahan's film Under The Table plays with the fantastic scare flick from Lionsgate, Nailbiter, at the Blue Whiskey Film Fest in Chicago this October. Click here for details!!

07/25/2012 UNDER THE TABLE & NORTH POINT SOUNDTRACK PRESS! Couple press blogs here and here.01/2012

05/20/2012 UNDER THE TABLE PLAYS PARK CITY, UTAH! Click here for details!

05/04/2012 CHILDREN OF THE INVISIBLE MAN NOW AVAILABLE! Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Chicago premiere of Under The Table and Children of the Invisible Man. For those of you who could not make it, please note that COTIM is now on YouTube!

04/06/2012 WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE! UNRELEASED TRAVEL TRACK! Click here for an unreleased song from Darren's noise rock band TRAVEL called "Erase It." Warning: Adult Language.

04/05/2012 CHILDREN OF THE INVISIBLE MAN PRODUCTION SHOTS! Click here and here for a coupla making-of shots.

04/04/2012 CHILDREN OF THE INVISIBLE MAN! Darren Callahan's short film, Children of the Invisible Man, will play back to back with Under the Table in the 2012 Sci Fi Spectacular in Chicago, Illinois on April 28th. This short is part of the "Corman fest" -- where a handful of directors were selected to direct fake film trailers in the style of the great low-budget producer Roger Corman. This will be the premier of this exciting short. For the full schedule and to buy tickets to the event, click here. NOTE: Children... and Under the Table will play between Gilliam's time-travel masterpiece 12 Monkeys and the new cult alien invasion fave Attack The Block, so that's about 10:00 PM.

03/26/2012 UNDER THE TABLE TO PLAY RIVER BEND FILM FESTIVAL! Darren's horror flick Under the Table will play the 2012 River Bend film festival on opening night as the lead movie, on 04/13/2012 at 7 PM. Click here for details. Also, special treat -- the film is introduced by John Hancock, who directed "Let's Scare Jessica To Death," one of my favorite horror flicks.

03/06/2012 NEW TRAVEL ALBUM STREET DATE! In honor of today's release of the new TRAVEL album, click here for exclusive tracks, pictures, and notes.

02/26/2012 NEW TRAVEL ALBUM OUT! TRAVEL's return to noise, Blank Sermons... Relentless Lectures... is now available a few weeks ahead of street date from these fine e-retailers: Bandcamp, Typecast, Amazon. Also, TRAVEL's website has been updated with new info and videos.

02/22/2012 YOUTUBE? "Under The Table" trailer has passed 20,000 hits on YouTube. Weird.

02/20/2012 UNDER THE TABLE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Under the Table will have its Chicago premiere at the Sci Fi Spectacular at the grand ol' Portage Theatre (between 12 Monkeys and Attack The Block) at 9:45 PM on April 28th, 2012. Get your tix today! Seats 1200, but probably a sell out. See the fest's Facebook page for more info.

01/20/2012 UNDER THE TABLE NOW ON SALE! Darren Callahan's horror flick Under the Table is now on sale at the Glass City Films store!

01/15/2012 UNDER THE TABLE TRAILER NOW AVAILABLE! The exciting teaser trailer for Darren Callahan's Under the Table is now available to the public.

12/19/2011 NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Darren Callahan's noise band TRAVEL's new album comes out March 2012. In the meantime, here's the latest music video for the single Logic In The Trenches! Song also available in a $1 download!

12/18/2011 NEW SCREENPLAY! Darren Callahan's Nerves now available! Read about here, purchase here.

12/15/2011 UNDER THE TABLE ON IMDB! Darren Callahan's Under The Table movie can now be found with many details on the movie site imdb.com!

12/10/2011 UNDER THE TABLE POSTER AND DVD COVER! Darren Callahan's Under The Table now has an awesome official poster, created by the very talented Dan Pederson. Also, if you're intersted, here is a preview of the forthcoming limited edition DVD.

12/02/2011 SITE REORGANIZATION! The site's FICTION and STAGE & SCREEN pages have gone through a trimming / reorganization.

11/21/2011 NEW SCREENPLAY! Darren Callahan's Summer of Ghosts now available! Read about here, purchase here.

11/19/2011 SITE CHANGES! The site's been reorganized a bit, a lot of out of print stuff archived, etc. Just fair warning.

10/19/2011 NEW TRAVELTRACKS! This site's web page for the new TRAVEL album Blank Sermons... Relentless Lectures is now up on darrencallahan.com, featuring exclusive notes and tracks, well in advance of the 2012 release.

10/17/2011 NEW TRAVEL WEBSITE! Click here for the growing TRAVEL band website, featuring exclusive videos.

09/20/2011 CASTLE VON DEATH! Darren Callahan's 10-minute festival piece, a riff on The Grimms' Hansel & Gretel, is now available.

08/28/2011 DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE NEW TRAVEL ALBUM? Well, you do now. Darren Callahan's noise-rock band TRAVEL has a new record company and a new record coming out early 2012. Here's a preview - "Singer So Vacant."

08/12/2011 UNDER THE TABLE - THE SOUNDTRACK! The soundtrack for the forthcoming Under the Table is now available for FREE!

08/01/2011 GEOPOLIS THEATRE CO. PRESENTS! Darren Callahan will be one of the featured writers taking a spin at The Brothers Grimm for their new festival. Runs 09/16/2011 only! Click for details.or this info card!16/

06/05/2011 UNDER THE TABLE - THE MOVIE! Glass City Films is producing a version of Under the Table, which recently completed principal photography in Chicago, IL. It's a 15 min. horror film written and directed by Darren Callahan and starring Cole Simon, Danielle Doetsch, Sasha Grishkov-Dance, and Paul E. Martinez. Look for more details soon, or visit the Facebook pages for Darren and Glass City for production photographs.

06/04/2011 NORTH POINT - THE NEW PHANTOM SOUNDTRACK! Darren Callahan has directed the latest Phantom Soundtrack, a late wave black & white noir film called North Point, starring Britni Tozzi, Justin Cagney, Ellenkate Finley, and other cool kids. Click here for a preview shot, or visit the Phantom Soundtracks Facebook page. Releases Fall 2011 and will be scored by Christopher LaPorte (Heddatron for Steppenwolf.)

03/16/2011 ALIEN TERRAIN NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE! Purchase the limited edition package with exclusive pictures and a pull-out poster via CDBaby.  Digital versions available from your friendly iTunes store, Amazon.com, and dozens of other fine retailers, including available for purchase from the CATALOG. 17/2011

03/14/2011 EPHEMERA PODCASTS! Darren interviews Laura Sturm, director of the Spring 2011 production of Bryce Wissel's Ephemera, brought to you by Polarity Ensemble Theatre of Chicago. Click to go to their blog to listen to these interesting nuggets...

01/03/2011 SHHH....ALIENS ARE HERE! As a special surprise for the dedicated followers of this news list, the new Phantom Soundtracks release, Alien Terrain by Demetri Fox, produced by Darren Callahan, and coming March 2011, is available for download absolutely free for a limited time at this link. Special notes, insider pics, the works. Check it out!

01/02/2011 FICTION365 PRESENTS DARREN CALLAHAN'S CITY OF HUMAN REMAINS! Pioneer website Fiction365 is presenting Darren's last novel, the most wicked sci fi, killer mash up you've ever read, as a serialized book on their new website. They are running a chapter every Sunday in 2011,. beginning today. Click here to delve into this massive and exciting book free of charge. Feel free to read other stories (one every single day!) from writers known and soon-to-be-known! Use the calendar feature to navigate to past stories.

12/04/2010 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN TERRIBLE TROUBLE! For more about the Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble triple play package, click here.

12/01/2010 NEW STAGE PLAY: WITNESS TO AN ACCIDENT! New full-length horror-noir, the third from the Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble cycle (aka The Hollywood Trilogy,) is now complete. Click for more details and available for purchase from the CATALOG.

09/17/2010 MATT HART and TRAVEL! New documentary on poet Matt Hart, lead singer of Darren's rock band TRAVEL, features a song from TRAVEL's 2008 Anti-Social Butterfly CD. Click here to see more of the documentary.

09/06/2010 STELLAR LOVERS REISSUED! The reissue of Darren Callahan's 2002 double album Stellar Lovers, now a single disc with remastered clarity and new artwork, is now available exclusingly from DarrenCallahan.com's CATALOG page. Not available via digital and hard retailers until October, this is your chance to be ahead of the curve. For more details on the reissue, please visit this page.

08/31/2010 ALIEN TERRAIN! Announced! Next Phantom Soundtracks release is Alien Terrain, a lo-fi 70s style sci-fi film about alien children abandoned on earth. Produced by Darren Callahan, Directed by J.D. Costing, and scored by Demitri Fox, here's a cool teaser pic from the late 2010 release.

08/16/2010 NEW TV INTERVIEW! May 2010 interview (15 min.) with Darren Callahan appears in an unedited version on ArtsEntertainment.com. Click on SHOWS, then "Turk's Friends."

08/14/2010 RECORD REVIEWS! Recent reviews of Darren Callahan's Spikes can be found here, here, and here.

06/22/2010 NEW STAGE PLAY: DESPERATE DOLLS! New full-length horror-noir, the second from the Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble cycle (aka The Hollywood Trilogy,) is now complete. Click for more details and available for purchase from the CATALOG.

05/11/2010 SPIKES IS NOW RELEASED! Available RIGHT NOW through amazon.com, iTunes, CDBaby, and other fine retailers, you can also buy straight from phantomsoundtracks.com or from the CATALOG. This is a limited edition certain to go fast. It's also offered for a low price of under $10!

05/01/2010 DEATH & DEVILS PROMOTION! In support of the 05/14 and 05/23/2010 festival run of G. Riley Mills' Death & Devils, directed by Darren Callahan, there is a new blog posting on the Polarity Ensemble Theatre site, written by Darren, and two interview podcasts (part one here - 5 min.; part two here - 8 min.) Also tickets are now available!

04/02/2010 SHHH...SPIKES! Don't tell anyone, but the Spikes album page is now live on this website, with exclusive content and song clips. Release date May 11, so not available yet, but...

03/28/2010 DARREN CALLAHAN PLAYS ON YOUTUBE! A couple of Darren Callahan-penned festival plays have made their way to YouTube. Click here for a partial of Kill Your Enemies or here for a full of Under the Table.

03/27/2010 PHANTOM SOUNDTRACKS MERCHANDISE NOW AVAILABLE! Check out the awesome Cafe Press stores for Phantom Soundtracks merchandise! Multiple stores available here (label gear), here ("Spikes" Illustrated Poster Gear), here ("Spikes" Photo Poster Gear), and here ("Spikes" logo gear)!

03/26/2010 SPIKES POSTER NUMBER 2! Check out the Regan Davis rockin' poster for Darren Callahan's "Spikes!"

03/06/2010 SPIKES POSTER! Check out Scott Jackson's rockin' poster for Darren Callahan's "Spikes!"

02/12/2010 DON'T CALL ME LORETTA and UNDER THE TABLE! Darren Callahan will direct a festival staged reading (two performances) of Nancy Gall-Clayton's "Don't Call Me Loretta," a short two-actor comedy set in a diner at closing time. Also in the same festival is Darren Callahan's "Under The Table," an ultraviolent horror stage play featuring the creepiest monster to hit Chicago this decade! The Garden of Eatin' Festival is sponsored by N.U.F.A.N of Chicago IL and begins March 16th and 17th, 2010 running for two consecutive nights. Location: Prop Thtr, Chicago. Click here for more information!

02/05/2010 DEATH AND DEVILS! Darren Callahan will direct a festival staged reading (two performances) of G. Riley Mills' "Death and Devils," an early 20th century true story of John Brinkley, Kansas politician and charlatan. Mills has appeared and "ER" and won two Jeff awards for previous productions. The Dionysos Cup Festival of New Plays is sponsored by Polarity Ensemble Theatre of Chicago IL and begins May 13th, 2010 running for two consecutive weekends. Location: the Josephinum Academy, 1500 N. Bell, Chicago. Click here for more information!

02/04/2010 PHANTOM SOUNDTRACKS WEBSITE REDESIGN! The primary website for Phantom Soundtracks, Darren's new record company, has been completed. Please visit for information on the April 2010 release of "Spikes -- The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack."

12/05/2009 STELLAR LOVERS REISSUE! Coming this winter is a Brazildisc re-release of Darren Callahan's 2002 double-album, "Stellar Lovers Vol. 1 & 2." Combined into a single album with a new track sequence, new artwork, and digitally remastered, it really holds up! Stay tuned for more news!

12/05/2009 PHANTOM SOUNDTRACKS PRESENTS SPIKES! There is now a fan page for Darren's new record company, Phantom Soundtracks, on Facebook. Phantom Soundtracks is a Chicago, IL, U.S.-based record company whose mission is to create and release full-length soundtrack albums for non-existent films. The flagship album is “Spikes” – a 1970s-style slasher film featuring an all-analog synthesizer score, reminiscent of such classics as the music of John Carpenter, Chattaway’s “Maniac,” Myrow and Seagrave’s “Phantasm,” or the works of GOBLIN. It's a spring 2010 release, so there's some time yet. BUT -- to stay in the know, Facebook's a great place to start. Plus, exclusive pictures! Be sure and forward to all your friends!

12/04/2009 KILL YOUR ENEMIES, LIVE! Darren Callahan's dark drama "Kill Your Enemies" is being performed on stage as part of N.U.F.A.N's 2009 "7 Plays In 7 Days" festival on December 14th in Chicago IL at City Lit Theatre at 7:30 PM. Come check it out and drink with Darren!

11/17/2009 NEW PICTURES! Click here for a few new publicity photos, PLUS! A special sneak preview of lobby stills from Darren Callahan's first Phantom Soundtracks release, Spikes (coming 2010).

06/16/2009 ROUTE 66! OO OO WA and Darren Callahan mentioned in Tim Steil's blog!

06/14/2009 THE ESSENTIALS! Darren Callahan's 10 minute romantic stage play, "The Essentials," to be featured in the late July 2009's "7 Plays in 7 Days Festival," sponsored by Chicago's N.U.F.A.N.

05/03/2009 RECOMMENDED! Bob Fisher is the hands-down best director for genre in Chicago. Like Dario Argento or Stanley Kubrick, his plays are like looking straight into someone's head. It's his vision and it's like no one else's. Always on a low budget, but really great scripts and eye for spotting early talent. His latest DEVILS DON'T FORGET! You should check it out!

05/02/2009 TRAVEL's GREATEST HITS ON iTUNES! The February 2009 release from TRAVEL, a 20-song "best of" collection entitled "Recorded/Recordings," is now available through all fine digital retailers, including itunes. Just type "recorded/recordings" into the search box of the application's store.

05/01/2009 THIS WEBSITE TURNS 10! Yep, all true. darrencallahan.com is now officially 10 years old this month! In honor of this, we are running a special buy 1 item get a second item of equal or lesser value FREE! Just purchase something from the catalog, then send an email right after alerting us of your second item. We'll make sure they get bundled together into one envelope of love. Thanks so much for all your support over the years!

04/28/2009 THE WHITE AIRPLANE SOUNDTRACK ALBUM & POSTERS NOW ON SALE! Brazildisc has released a full soundtrack album for Darren Callahan's stage hit, "The White Airplane." The release is available through this site and soon through other fine retailers! This site is also selling autographed posters for the die hards!

03/01/2009 THE WHITE AIRPLANE & HORROR ACADEMY AT AMAZON & OTHER WEB RETAILERS! See 2/14 news item or here for more information on the book, but if you're an Amazon or Target shopper, you can also buy the book here and here...

02/14/2009 THE WHITE AIRPLANE & HORROR ACADEMY BOOK NOW ON SALE! The published volume of Darren's plays "The White Airplane" and "Horror Academy," released to coincide with the Chicago premier, is now available through this website! Click here to purchase, or here for more information!

02/13/2009 THE WHITE AIRPLANE FEATURED IN CHICAGO SUN-TIMES! With previews set to begin tonight, Chicago Sun-Times has run a feature on the play in today's newspaper.

02/07/2009 NEW RECORD COMPANY! Darren Callahan is now offically "the man" -- as he's started his own record label for film soundtracks. First release comes later this year. Check out the teaser website!

02/07/2009 DARREN ON THE RADIO! "The Well Told Tales Radio Hour," slated to run at 11 p.m. PST on 92.5 The Why, will play the 20 minute audio drama "The 30 Day Baby Company" by Darren Callahan in its 02/07/2009 broadcast! If you're on the web or in Burbank, CA, check it out!

01/26/2009 THE WHITE AIRPLANE TRAILER ON YOUTUBE! Click here to see the spooky 1 min. promo trailer in support of the upcoming production!

01/16/2009 LIVE APPEARANCE & BOOK SIGNING! Darren Callahan will be signing copies of his new book, "The White Airplane & Horror Academy," published by Polarity Books in conjuncton with the opening of the play, at this year's AWP Conference in Chicago, IL. This particular event is free and open to the public. See here and here for details.

01/15/2009 TWO NEW TRAVEL ALBUMS! Two more new TRAVEL releases for 2009. "Recorded/Recordings" is a 10-year, 10-album retrospective featuring remastered tracks, terrific liner notes from Pulitzer-nominated poet Dean Young with Laurie Capps, and a must-have for the faithful and the newbies. Also released simultaneously as a FREE digital download is "Whiteout!!!" -- an e.p. of 8 new tracks of weird noise for the die-hards.

01/14/2009 NEW PLAYS! Two new plays have been added to the site. "Sources" is a new full-length horror/action piece; "Mad Scientist Double Feature" is a new marriage of "Mass Grave." and "Sub-Genre" into one grindhouse bloodbath. Available for purchase from the CATALOG.

01/07/2009 THE WHITE AIRPLANE TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Tickets for the upcoming run of Darren Callahan's stage play "The White Airplane" are now on sale! Also, the poster is "in the can" and you can catch it at this link.

12/12/2008 POSTERS GALORE! For a cool insider look at all the potential poster art being considered for Darren Callahan's "The White Airplane", click here.

10/22/2008 NEW STAGE PLAY - MASS GRAVE! A literal feast of horror comes your way in this one act suspense gem, Darren Callahan's "Mass Grave." Also available to purchase through the CATALOG.

10/10/2008 DIONYSOS CUP FLIER! Click here for complete schedule and all details regarding Chicago's Dionysus Cup, the Chicago new plays festival featuring Darren Callahan's "The Double Negative."

10/06/2008 YES, ANOTHER NEW TRAVEL ALBUM! The fourth TRAVEL release for 2008 -- 16 arena rock songs under the title "Anti-Social Butterfly " is scheduled to be released on November 11th, 2008. For details and preview of choice cuts, click here. You can also place an advanced order through the CATALOG.

09/26/2008 THE WHITE AIRPLANE STAGED READING! As part of its journey to production, Darren Callahan's "The White Airplane" will have a preview staged reading on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 at 2 PM at the Josephinum Academy, 1500 N. Bell, Chicago. Click here for more information!

09/20/2008 THE WHITE AIRPLANE TO HIT THE STAGE IN CHICAGO IN 2009! Critically-acclaimed Polarity Ensemble Theatre of Chicago will be producing Darren Callahan's surrealist mystery "The White Airplane" for its winter 2009 season. The run is February 13 to March 22, 2009 and to be directed by Remy Bumppo associate, Susan Padveen. The play will also be published simultaneously with the production, paired with a second TBD Darren Callahan script. Click here for more information as the production develops!

09/15/2008 THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE" TO BE IN 2008 DIONYSUS CUP! Darren Callahan's WWII drama "The Double Negative" will have 2 staged readings as a part of the renowned Chicago festival, The Dionysus Cup. Click here for showtimes and dates in November!

09/05/2008 CRIMESPREE! Killer fiction magazine Crimespree ran a recent review of Darren Callahan's novel, "City of Human Remains." Click here to read.

08/04/2008 MISSING LINK! A free CD to the first person who can write and explain the connection between TRAVEL and this band!

08/02/2008 PREVIEW CUT FROM FOURTH TRAVEL ALBUM IN 2008! Coming this fall is the fourth release this year from noise rockers, TRAVEL. Click here for an early preview cut, "Waves of Control"!

08/01/2008 THE DICTIONARY RELEASED! Side project by TRAVEL's Darren Callahan, Matt Hart, and Michael Vallera releases new full-length debut CD under the name THE DICTIONARY. Click here to experience the noise, or dig that "none more black" album cover. Or click here to buy!

07/25/2008 WRITERS! Photo op #2 with awesome peeps and awesome writers -- Darren Callahan with (L to R) bestseller novelists Brian Pinkerton, Barry Eisler, Marcus Sakey, and Lee Child.

07/01/2008 ZOMBIES! Photo op with film director George Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead) & Darren Callahan. Pretty sweet.

06/27/2008 YET ANOTHER NEW TRAVELALBUM! The third TRAVEL release for 2008 -- 16 awesome pop/rock songs under the title "= Writes" is now in the can and scheduled to be released on July 29th, 2008. For a preview, click here. You can also place an advanced order through the CATALOG.

06/15/2008 YOUTUBE! Mucho new YouTube goodies have been posted. Just search on "Darren Callahan" to find such nuggets as the OO OO WA "Rocketship" music video, a 1998 TRAVEL show, and a Metromix highlight of "Horror Academy."

02/23/2008 THE DICTIONARY! For a preview cut from the forthcoming album for Darren Callahan's band "The Dictionary," click here.

02/22/2008 TRAVEL REVIEW! A review of the live album can be found here.

02/18/2008 NEW BAND! Matt Hart, Michael Vallera, and Darren Callahan are hard at work on a new album, under the band name "The Dictionary." Click here for exclusive pictures.

02/10/2008 ANOTHER NEW TRAVEL ALBUM! Say, the 2nd of 5 Travel albums for 2008 is coming 03/04/2008, but you can get it now from this very site! "Spoken Worl[l]d" is the mellow album that is just plain sleepy.

01/30/2008 NEW TRAVEL ALBUM! Say, the first of 5 Travel albums for 2008 is coming 02/19/2008, but you can get it now from this very site! "Travel Comes @live" is the live album that is just plain wicked.

01/04/2008 2008 CONFERENCE APPEARENCES! Darren Callahan will be appearing at Chicago's Love Is Murder, Pikes Peak (Colorado) Writers Conference, and Thrillerfest (NYC). Seek him out, check out a panel, and say hello if you are attending.

12/30/2007 NEW SCREENPLAY! New Darren Callahan screenplay now available, "Lesbian Pornographic Feature Film." Note: not an actual porn.

12/14/2007 PERFORMINK! Darren mentioned in the latest PerformInk magazine, for actors/playwrights.

11/23/2007 DEMENTIA PRECOX! Darren was quoted in an article about the seminal 80s punk/electronica band Dementia Precox.

11/17/2007 HORROR 101! The smash "Horror 101" book is now available though this website! Features profiles of 101 classic horror and monster flicks, including an essay by Tom Savini, and, of course, Darren Callahan.

11/01/2007 REVIEWS! A quick summary of the reviews of Darren Callahan's "Horror Academy" can be found here.

10/31/2007 HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM HORROR ACADEMY! One week left in the run of the Darren Callahan/Babes With Blades event play "Horror Academy." It's a hit! Chicago Tribune named it the #1 pick for the season with a big feature, picture, and four out of five on the fright-o-meter, giving the play a rating of "horrifying." Time Out Chicago calls it "a ripping good time." There is NOTHING like this show in town. Metromix has a 3-minute special on CLTV, also online at this link. Select "Babes With Blades theatre show" from the right side video pod to see the exclusive footage. NPR (WBEZ Chicago) did a nice highlight on Horror Academy this morning during drive time. To hear the show, click the link below and go forward about 15 minutes. Remember: many shows sold out, so if you want tickets, move fast.

10/19/2007 DARREN CALLAHAN'S HORROR ACADEMY UNDERWAY, GREAT REVIEWS! It's one week into the run! Many shows are sold out and the reviews are phenomenal. The play was a pick in the Chicago Tribune, RED EYE, Metromix, Time Out Magazine, The Onion, Daily Herald (including video), Center Stage, and Chicago Reader. Reviews have also appeared in Killer Works and other horror sites. Only three weeks left to see what the whole town's talking about! Click here to reserve a seat today! Also, please note, parking is limited, so be sure to arrive early if you're driving. Red Line Granville stop may be your best bet. Late arrivals will miss the killer opening...and when we say killer we mean killer.

09/17/2007 DARREN CALLAHAN'SHORROR ACADEMY OPENS IN FOUR WEEKS! It's coming. Part theater part haunted house, it's a totally unique experience that's built for fans of horror. No cheap slasher showdown, this is the real deal. Dread. Terror. Suspense. Surprises. Three Darren Callahan-penned "Twilight Zone"-like creepers, all connected by spooky transitions, "Horror Academy" is a promenade-style drama in a supremely scary location - Chicago's North Lakeside Cultural Center (6219 N Sheridan Rd., at Sheridan and Granville.) Think you can take it? Wanna be scared? October's the perfect time. Even if you're not in Chicago, it's worth the trip. Produced by the 10-year-old Chicago theater company Babes With Blades, an all-female ensemble of top-drawer actors with hair-raising fight skills and directed by award-winning Jeremy Wechsler. Click on any of the three below links for more info on the play, tickets, and exclusive content.

Theatre In Chicago

Babes With Blades

Horror Academy Central

09/15/2007 CITY OF HUMAN REMAINS NOW AVAILABLE! Year 2097. 81 Missing Children. 1 City. The underground version of the latest Darren Callahan novel "City of Human Remains" is now available for purchase exclusively through this site. See the Catalog page. Click here for notes and an excerpt. Check out the lo-fi promo site, too, for another batch of excerpts and other exclusive content: http://darrencallahan.com/cohr/cohr.htm.

08/08/2007 SNEAK PEEK! Click for the latest Horror Academy Poster!

07/15/2007 DARREN IS VAGUE ! In a videotaped interview with Authorfest, Darren rambles on about his work, his play "Horror Academy," and about killing his audience.

06/29/2007 DARREN IN NON-FIC HORROR ANTHOLOGY! Darren's essay on the 1956 version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" will be featured in the forthcoming coffee-table book from Midnight Marquee, Inc. entitled “Dr. AC presents HORROR 101: THE A-LIST OF HORROR FILMS AND MONSTER MOVIES, VOL 1. It's an absolutely stellar list of writers pegging the best horror flicks from the last 100 years. It's an honor to even be included! Check out the book's myspace site.

06/26/2007 CITY OF HUMAN REMAINS NOW AVAILABLE! Slyly posted on this site is the new Darren Callahan novel. Shhh...don't tell anyone. Also redone is the book's site.

05/19/2007 HORROR ACADEMY MYSPACE! A MySpace site has been started as build to the autumn debut of Darren Callahan's "Horror Academy" -- sure to be the Halloween event here in Chicago, thanks to a talented production team and an awesome marketing hook. Check out the site and spread the word!

05/08/2007 PODCAST! Darren Callahan's short story "The 30 Day Baby Company," a sci-fi scarefest about a plague that kills 25 million children and the resulting business of baby rentals, has been picked up for an audio podcast by Well Told Tales. Click to download an MP3, listen online, or subscribe to this excellent site! The story's only available for a limited time, so act now! It's free!

04/28/2007 AUTHORFEST! Darren will be a guest speaker at 2007's Authorfest, this June 23rd, 2007. The event is at The Schaumburg Twp. District Library, 130 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL 60193 and runs from 10 AM CST to 4 PM CST. Call (847) 985-4000 or click for more details.

04/27/2007 CATALOG PURGE! darrencallahan.com has delisted about a dozen items from the CATALOG, either for being out of stock, or being out of synch with the current artistic mission. Sorry. You snooze you lose. If you're really dying for any of the old stuff, send an email to Darren.

04/06/2007 NEW GAME! Darren's brother's company has released a new role-playing game, written & designed by Clayton Callahan. Click here to learn about (and order!) this spectacular game!

03/30/2007 BATTLES! Darren truly believes that everyone should see this video -- "Atlas" by the math rockers BATTLES!

02/10/2007 LIBRARY ARTICLE! Darren mentioned in latest Library News publication!

01/13/2007 EXCLUSIVE DARREN MUSIC AVAILABLE ON SLOPE! The fantastic magazine Slope is featuring two Darren-affiliated bands on its website. Click for "C-Side" by Travel, an unreleased cut, and "Jacket Weather" by Telegraph, originally from 2002's "Stellar Lovers, Vol. 2" CD!

12/25/2006 TRAVEL XMAS! Here's a link to some rare rehearsal, recording, and show pictures from recent TRAVEL happenings!

12/20/2006 TRAVEL SHOW THANKS! Thanks to everyone who came out for TRAVEL's big show. The band had a great (and tremendously noisy) time and we hope everyone survived our wall of sound. We'll see you again in 2016! As a special bonus for those who where there and those who weren't, here's a link to some press about the event, as well as "back of the room" lo-fi recordings of "Crush At The Bar" and "Arm The Guitarists." (Note: It may take a moment before the songs play after you click the link.) A 16 channel recording of the set existes, too, and may be released at a later date. If you want to know the complete set played, here's Darren's own scrawled set list, complete with guitar effects settings!

11/29/2006 TRAVEL NEWS! Travel website has been redesigned. Also, click here to see the 12/16 live performance show poster!

11/27/2006 MYSPACE! Click here to see Travel's new MySpace page.

11/17/2006 MYSPACE! Click here to see Teenage Blackout's new MySpace page.

11/10/2006 HORROR ACADEMY DEVELOPMENT PREVIEW PERFORMANCE! Zombies. Cannibals. Vampires. All coming fall 2007, but not before a little bit o' preview development. Come one come all to a Saturday January 20th, 2007 staged reading at Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL USA. Admission is $5 for non-members, free for members. Show starts at 2 PM CST. Click here for a cool flier!

10/28/2006 DARREN SPEAKING AT 2007 CONFERENCE! Darren Callahan will be a guest speaker at the 2007Love Is Murder mystery writers' conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA, held Fed 2 to 4, 2007. If you love mysteries, check out this conference!

10/24/2006 NEW TEENAGE BLACKOUT "123" CD NOW AVAILABLE! Teenage Blackout's "123" is now released to the world! This is by far the strongest Teenage Blackout record ever released, every track a winner. At 80 minutes, you'll be sure to get your blissful money's worth. Rumored to be the last and available only in a limited edition, buy yours today from this site, CDBaby, or itunes! Click here for song clips, inside notes, and pictures.

10/06/2006 TRAVEL PLAYS LIVE THIS DECEMBER! Yes, you read that correctly. Playing its first live set since 1998, Darren, Matt, Kelly, and Eric will play a special one-set show at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday December 16th, 2006. The fete is honoring friend Eric Cassidy (now of the excellent band Shrug and formerly of the Darren Callahan produced band King Droopy,) who turns the big 3-0. If you're in the area or up for airfare, definitely try to attend this once a decade rare event! Also performing: Nick Kizirnis, Flyaway Minion, Shurg, and the Cassidy Mystery Tour.

10/01/2006 CITY OF HUMAN REMAINS - NEW NOVEL COMING IN 2007! Click here for a teaser site of Darren's upcoming novel, "City of Human Remains."

09/13/2006 TOMORROW THE GREEN GRASS" PUBLISHED AGAIN! Darren's end-of-the-world story "Tomorrow the Green Grass," also in the anthology "Blind In One Eye," has been published in the latest edition of The Lamp-Post, a southern California magazine. If you're outside the state and want a copy, you can email this address!

09/02/2006 HORROR ACADEMY TO BE PRODUCED IN 2007! Darren's horror anthology stage play "Horror Academy" is slated to run 4 weeks in October 2007 in Chicago, IL, USA, produced by the amazing company Babes With Blades!

08/24/2006 NEW TRAVEL PICS! Here are some shots from the latest Travel recording session! New album coming early 2007!

08/01/2006 NEW TEENAGE BLACKOUT WEBSITE LAUNCHED! In anticipation of the Fall 2006 release of "123," we give you the new Teenage Blackout homepage!

06/24/2006 MYSPACE! Click here to see Darren's new MySpace page. He's officially joined the herd.

05/22/2006 SOUVENIER! Click here to see a promotional flier for "The White Airplane"!

05/21/2006 NEW SCREENPLAY! Click here to read about the movie adaptation of Darren's novel "Documentia"!

05/19/2006 WHITE AIRPLANE DETAILS! The Dionysos Cup will run May 26th, 27th, 28th, and June 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Marrakesh Expresso, 4747 N. Damen, Chicago, 1.5 blocks north of the Damen Brown line. Festival passes will be sold on-line and at the door, two shows for $10 or the full festival for $20. If you attend all five shows, we will refund you $5 of your ticket price! "The White Airplane" will be at 7 pm, Sunday, May 28th and 8 pm, Saturday, June 3rd only! Don't miss it!

05/18/2006 DOCUMENTIA PRINT AD! Don't ask how this came to happen, but national chess magazine Chess Life is running a full-page advertisement for "Documentia" in their upcoming May / June 2006 issue.

05/13/2006 NEW BABY! Welcome to the world Charlotte Anne Callahan, Darren & Lisa's newest addition to the rock band!

04/30/2006 MARTIN CHRONICLES NAMED TOP ALBUM! Darren's 1997 TELEGRAPH album "Martian Chronicles" has been named one of the top "must have" albums from the last 40 years by the ol' rock hometown, Dayton, Ohio!

04/15/2006 THE WHITE AIRPLANE DATES! Schedule is set for the festival performances of Darren Callahan's "The White Airplane." Sunday night 05/28/06 and Saturday night 06/03/06. Stay tuned for location, time, and tickets!

04/11/2006 NEW TEENAGE BLACKOUT ALBUM! Kidmodule3 is now released to the world! Click for song clips, inside notes, and pictures.

03/16/2006 FANS OF THE WHITE AIRPLANE REJOICE! Darren's surreal headtrip stage play "The White Airplane" has beat down the competition to win a top 5 slot in Chicago's Dionysos Cup, a festival of plays sponsored by Polarity Ensemble Theatre. Performances will be May 26th through June 4th, 2006. Stay tuned for details!

03/11/2006 TRAVEL, THE MOVIE DIRECTOR'S SITE! Click here to see the cool new website of Travel film director David Scott Hay!

03/08/2006 THE TOKYO TOURIST BUREAU NOW AVAILABLE! Click here for an excerpt. Click here to purchase your very own copy!

02/21/2006 Souvenir! Program from Darren Callahan's stage play "Water Pressure"!

02/01/2006 "DOCUMENTIA" Review from Punk Planet Magazine! Click to read.

01/07/2006 THE TOKYO TOURIST BUREAU BROADCAST! Darren Callahan's surrealist comedy / drama is scheduled for a broadcast January 22, 2006 at 7 PM EST on New York City radio. Presented by the excellent troupe the Gotham Players and WBAI Radio Pacifica. You can listen to show online if you're outside the New York City area.

01/06/2006 NEW SCREENPLAY! Click here to read about "The Battle For Carlyle."

12/22/2005 DARREN SPEAKING AT 2006 CONFERENCE! Darren Callahan will be on 5 panels at the 2006 Love Is Murder mystery writers' conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA, held Fed 3 to 5th. Darren will be alongside such great writers as Judith Guest ("Ordinary People"), Barry Eisler ("Hard Rain"), Brian Pinkerton ("Vengeance"), J A Konrath ("Bloody Mary"), William Kent Kruger ("Blood Hollow"), Laura Caldwell ("Look Closely"), Tim Broderick ("Something to Build Upon"), and others. If you love mysteries, check out this conference.

12/20/2005 MATT HART RELEASES! Matt Hart, lead singer of Darren's art rock band Travel, has released two books, Revelated and Who's Who Vivid. Brilliant!

12/06/2005 NEW DARREN CALLAHAN RETROSPECTIVE RELEASED! Click here to read about a new Darren Callahan best-of compilation album, "Nature Films," featuring highlights from albums 11 through 20!

11/30/2005 TRAVEL, THE MOVIE ARTICLE! The director of the Darren Callahan sci-fi film profiled in this month's Reel Chicago!

11/28/2005 WATER PRESSURE PUBLISHED! The Audition Arsenal book is now on bookshelves featuring a 2 minute monologue from Darren Callahan's stage play, "Water Pressure," published by Smith & Kraus! Click here to order from Amazon!

11/24/2005 EARLY WARNING - DARREN SPEAKING GIG THIS JANUARY! Darren Callahan, along with authors Jennie Spallone, Eleanor Taylor Bland, and Alex Mathews will "talk about their craft and the writing of books that keep you on the edge of your seat." Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 3 PM in the auditorium of the Highland Park Library. Click here for more details!

11/23/2005 SEVEN SPEED VORTEX ! A few years back, Darren produced an album from punk-pop outfit Seven Speed Vortex. Well they're out and about again. Click here for a reunion shot!!

11/21/2005 NEW WEBSITE FOR TRAVEL, THE MOVIE! Lo-fi sci-fi film penned by Darren Callahan has its own publicity site. Very cool stuff that will build over time until the film's release!

11/11/2005 WATER PRESSURE TO BE PERFORMED! Darren Callahan's killer time travel play "Water Pressure" will be performed by the Gurnee Theater Company, Sunday Feb 19th, 2006 at 2 PM. Stay tuned for more details!

11/04/2005 ROCKETSHIP VIDEO ! See the big buget OO OO WA music video!

10/11/2005 NEW TRAVEL ALBUM! You can get an advance copy of the new TRAVEL album "B^Sides" from this very website. Click here to read production notes or listen to the singles. Album street date is 10/18/05!

10/05/2005 DOCUMENTIA IN OCTOBER 'PUNK PLANET MAGAZINE'! Word on the street is that cool magazine Punk Planet is running a review of Darren Callahan's underground novel "Documentia" in the October issue. Look for it on newsstands.

10/02/2005 NEW SCREENPLAY! Yes, Darren's in a band called TRAVEL, and he's also involved in a film that just happens to be called "Travel." Pure coincidence. Click here to read what's up with this project and read a scene from the film.

10/02/2005 TRAVEL ALBUM PREVIEW! For a free preview of the entire new album, go here.

10/01/2005 TICKET INFO ON - DARREN CALLAHAN'S RED MESSAGES! For more information on this production, including ticket reservations, please call the Freshwater Theater Company box office at (773) 387-7063. Performances will be held October 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, & 27-29. Tickets are $15 or less. All shows begin at 8 pm. Opening weekend is Hurricane Relief Weekend; tickets are $3 off with a food shelf donation.
Thursday nights are industry nights, during which all entertainment industry professionals can attend for $10 with headshots and resumes. Group rates are also available. The Freshwater Theater Company production runs October 6th through the 29th at National Pastime Theater, 4139 N. Broadway, in Chicago.

09/23/2005 THE PEOPLE MAGAZINE SHOT -- LIterati Robert W. Walker, Tim Broderick, and Darren Callahan hang out at novelist's Raymond Benson's 50th birthday bash!

09/22/2005 RED MESSAGES TO BE PERFORMED! Darren Callahan'sRed Messages has been picked up to be part of a larger work, "Theater of the Damned," an evening of scenes, monologues, and films based on the very popular horror genre. The Freshwater Theater Company production runs October 6th through the 29th at National Pastime Theater, 4139 N. Broadway, in Chicago. Ticket info to be posted soon!

09/20/2005 NEW TEENAGE BLACKOUT ALBUM! Kidmodule2 is now released to the world!

08/29/2005 FOUR NEW STAGE PLAYS! Well, kinda. "Horror Academy" is an anthology featuring "Where Is the Breakdown?", plus three new pieces, "Three Lines," "Everything's Different Here," and "Red Messages." Click here to read about these violent, wicked plays.

08/27/2005 GO ARTICLE! Here it is.

08/24/2005 TEENAGE BLACKOUT VS. SUPER PAL! A few bits from Teenage Blackout's "Berlin Record" will be appearing as background music for "Super Pal: The Saving of the World," an audio drama. Catch it on the show "Sound Affects: A Radio Playground", Saturday, August 27, 2005, 3:00 PM, CDT, 90.3 FM or 106.7 FM, Minneapolis, St. Paul. If you're not in broadcast range, look for the Listen Live! button on the web. Or, if you miss it altogether, you can check the Program Archives under Sound Affects, where the show will be available for two weeks after broadcast. Presented in Real Audio format.

08/18/2005 LIAM CALLAHAN! Check it.

08/17/2005 DARREN in GO MAGAZINE! Apparently, a feature on Darren Callahan's music, including a preview of the forthcoming Travel and Teenage Blackout records, will run in this weekend's GO magazine. Be on the lookout.

08/08/2005 WATER PRESSURE UPDATE! Sad news -- Chicago's Visions & Voices, the company scheduled to produce Darren Callahan's stage play "Water Pressure" for the fall 2005 season, has gone on permanent hiatus. Though the company has had several hit plays and won many Jeff Awards (the Chicago equivalent of the Tony), their last show, "Arrangement for Two Violas" by Sue Lieberman, bled too much cash. They may turn it around, but for now...no "Water Pressure." Sorry everyone!

08/05/2005 New PRESS SUITE page offers some a top level view of key press articles, culled from the hundreds on this site. Check it out!

07/22/2005 SOUVENIER! Click here to see the ad for "The Double Negative"! A big thanks to the entire cast for all their excellent work.

07/12/2005 NEW NOVEL! Click here to read about "Documentia."

07/04/2005 NEW TRAVEL SONG! Click here for a preview of the upcoming TRAVEL album "B^Sides," coming Fall 2005. (Note, may take a minute or so before it starts to play, depending on connection speed.)

06/27/2005 SOUVENIER! Click here to see the ad for "3 Plays By Darren Callahan"!

06/15/2005 GOOD PRESS! Someone forwarded a copy of the Dayton Daily News feature -- front page of the Arts & Entertainment Section and in color! Click here to read!

06/10/2005 FEATURE ON DARREN IN THE DAYTON DAILY NEWS THIS WEEKEND! Darren Callahan will be profiled in the Sunday June 12th "Arts" section of the Dayton Daily News, the cool Ohio paper of Darren's hometown. If you're in the area, pick up a copy!

06/02/2005 "WHERE IS THE BREAKDOWN?" TO BE PERFORMED! Darren Callahan's horror stage play will be performed as part of the Deadline Workshop Festival on Saturday, June 18th at 2 PM CST at Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL USA. Admission is $5. This is a must see! All female cast, stage combat, and zombies.

05/23/2005 "THE TOKYO TOURIST BUREAU" UPDATE! Darren Callahan's latest audio drama is now scheduled for June 19, 2005 at 7 PM EST. Presented by NYC's Gotham Players and WBAI Radio Pacifica. You can listen to the live performance online if you're outside the New York City area.

05/21/2005 "THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE" READING MOVED ONE LAST TIME! The date and location for the staged reading of Darren Callahan's epic stage play, "The Double Negative," has changed a final time to a new venue. It is now Sunday July 17, 2005, at the Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL USA at 6:30 pm Central. Admission is free. Everyone welcome!

05/20/2005 UPCOMING BOOK SIGNING! Darren Callahan will be signing copies of "The Vanishing of Archie Gray" on Saturday June 11th from 4 PM to 6 PM at the Printers Row Book Fair, Chicago. The fair is a major book event and a great time for all! Stop by the Twilight Tales tent and say hello.

05/19/2005 NEW SCREENPLAY! Click here to read about "Terminus."

05/18/2005 NEW ONE ACT STAGE PLAY! Click here to read about "Where Is The Breakdown?"

05/09/2005 "THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE" READING RE-SCHEDULED - NEW DATE! The date for the live reading of Darren Callahan's epic stage play, "The Double Negative," has changed. It is now Monday June 6, 2005, at Breadline Theater, 1802 West Berenice Corner of Ravenswood and Berenice, (near intersection of Addison and Lincoln), in Chicago, IL. at 7 pm Central. Admission is free. Everyone welcome

04/18/2005 "THE TOKYO TOURIST BUREAU" UPDATE! Darren Callahan's latest audio drama is now scheduled for June 5th, 2005. Presented by NYC's Gotham Players and WBAI Radio Pacifica. You can listen to the live performance online if you're outside the New York City area.

04/12/2005 NEW PUBLISHED STORY! Darren Callahan's Japanese murder mystery, "Animal Parts," is featured in the latest edition of Chicago's Twilight Tales Magazine. Click here for the online edition!

04/11/2005 EARLY WARNING - DEADLINE WORKSHOP! Darren Callahan will be participating in the spring Deadline Workshop, sponsored by Chicago Dramatists along with Babes With Blades, an all-female stage combat group. Darren's yet-to-be-written play will be featured in a Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series in late June 2005. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting collaboration.

04/04/2005 "THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE" READING SCHEDULED! On May 17th, 2005 there will be a reading of Darren Callahan's three-act stage play "The Double Negative" at Breadline Theater, 1802 West Berenice Corner of Ravenswood and Berenice, (near intersection of Addison and Lincoln), in Chicago, IL. at 7 pm Central. Admission is free. Everyone welcome!

04/01/2005 "FILMSTARS" READING SCHEDULED! Darren Callahan's stage comedy "Filmstars" will have a reading at the Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL USA, on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005 at 7 pm Central. Admission is free. Everyone welcome!

03/21/2005 New Movie! Darren Callahan-penned movie "Terminus" has finished shooting under the direction of the amazing David Scott Hay ("Hard Scrambled"), starring Tom Hickey and Brian Alan Hill. More to follow about this killer flick!

03/15/2005 Darren Callahan is at work on a new novel entitled "Documentia" - a North-By-Northwest style thriller. Coming this summer!

02/13/2005 Darren Callahan's "The Toyko Tourist Bureau" audio drama for WBAI NYC has been rescheduled to later in 2005. Sorry about that. New air date to follow soon!

02/06/2005 NEW MINI-PLAY! Click here and scroll to the bottom to read about "Wunderkind."

02/01/2005 "TOKYO TOURIST BUREAU" UPDATE! Time for the broadcast of the new Darren Callahan audio drama is 7 PM Eastern US. As stated below, this is on February 20th, 2005. Presented by NYC's Gotham Players and WBAI Radio Pacifica. You can listen to the live performance online if you're outside the New York City area.

01/24/2005 "WATER PRESSURE" MONOLOGUE TO BE PUBLISHED! In mid-2005, New Hampshire publishers Smith & Kraus will be publishing a monologue from Darren Callahan's time travel play "Water Pressure" in the anthology "Audition Arsenal: 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes and Under, for Women in their 20s." For those familiar with the play, it's the bit where Ashley tells of almost getting her legs cut off in a car crash, to be saved by a note on her windshield. Look for it on bookshelves soon!

01/16/2005 NEW SCREENPLAY! Click here to read about a film adaptation of Darren Callahan's short story "Turn Signals."

01/11/2005 MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Darren Callahan's 30-minute radio dramedy "The Tokyo Tourist Bureau" now has an air date -- February 20th, 2005. Presented by NYC's Gotham Players and WBAI Radio Pacifica. More to follow...

01/09/2005 Darren Callahan's stage play "The White Airplane" has been selected as a finalist in the 2005 Columbus State Playwrighting Competition, beating out more than 325 entries for top 8 slot.

01/07/2005 Found! A third album from the defunct 1970s duo "Italian Aviation"! Recorded in 1979, the album has been lovingly restored by Darren Callahan, Matt Hart, and Kelly Morelock. Re-issued by Cincinnati, Ohio's Starfish Records. Click here for more details!

01/05/2005 Event Reminder! Darren Callahan will participate on 3 great panels at the 2005 "Love Is Murder" writing conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Click here to read more about attending this great event!

01/04/2004 NEW 3-ACT STAGE PLAY! Click here to read about Darren Callahan's "The Double Negative."

12/17/2004 LIVE READING OF DARREN CALLAHAN'S "FILMSTARS." On March 6, 2005, please join us for "An Afternoon With Darren Callahan," sponsored by the Gurnee Theatre. Click here for details.

12/14/2004 New TEENAGE BLACKOUT CD now available! Click here to read about "Kidmodule1."

11/20/2004 NEW ONE ACT PLAY! Click here to read about "Sub-Genre."

11/11/2004 Unearthed! Completely lame 1987 single by the band "Peace Question," featuring Christopher Annicone, Darren Callahan, and Leah Landis. Listen and weep.

11/04/2004 Darren Callahan and his new novel "The Vanishing of Archie Gray" featured in this week's Chicago Reader as Critic's Choice!

09/27/2004 NEW AUDIO DRAMA COMING! Darren Callahan returns to his roots of radio drama with a new dream-like drama entitled “The Tokyo Tourist Bureau.” This 30-minute play is to be produced by New York City’s Gotham Players on NYC’s WBAI Pacifica sometime in the coming months. Stay tuned for air dates!

09/26/2004 LIVE READING SCHEDULED! On Monday November 8, Darren Callahan will be reading at the Red Lion on Lincoln and Fullerton (across from the Biograph) in Chicago, IL. Scheduled time is 7:30 PM Central, $4 at the door. The event is upstairs. Sponsored by Twilight Tales. See LINKS page for TT website. Also reading will be Matt Hart, Rachel Flynn, and another TBD.

09/22/2004 NEW PUBLISHED SHORT STORY! Darren Callahan short story "Tape Recorder" is featured in the debut issue of Feral Fiction Magazine! Click here for the web edition!

09/20/2004 Latest Darren Callahan novel now available! Click here to read about "The Vanishing of Archie Gray," the stand-alone spin off novel to the popular AUDREY GREEN trilogy.

09/13/2004 Look! STATE FARM airbrushed Darren, Lisa, and Liam until they look completely insane!

09/04/2004 NEW STAGE PLAY! Click here to read about "Filmstars."

09/01/2004 EARLY WARNING - CONFERENCE APPEARANCE! Darren Callahan will be on a panel discussing playwrighting at the February 2005 "Love Is Murder" writers conference. Other panelists will be Brett Neveu ("American Dead"), Rob Koon ("Vintage Red and the Dust of the Road"), and David Scott Hay ("Hard Scrambled").

08/31/2004 FOUND! New ITALIAN AVIATION album "1971" re-issued to the world. Click here for details.

06/27/2004 New screenplay version of "Water Pressure" now available! Click here for details.

06/02/2004 The Callahans are now the State Farm Life Insurance model family! Check out Lisa, Liam, and Darren being silly. Part of a national campaign, even. If you have State Farm Home or Auto, but not Life, you'll also get promotional materials with the Callahans mailed straight to you this summer.

06/01/2004 Award-winning Chicago theater company Visions & Voices has optioned Darren Callahan's stage play "Water Pressure" for their fall 2005 season. Stay tuned for production details!

05/29/2004 Souvenir! Program from the first live reading of Darren Callahan's stage play "Water Pressure"!

05/25/2004 New publicity photographs! Click here for a gallery.

5/18/2004 Promotional blurb now available from Dystel & Goderich on "The Audrey Green Chronicles."

04/05/2004 NEW STAGE PLAY! Click here to read about "The White Airplane."

03/19/2004 Darren Callahan is now represented by the very cool Dystel & Goderich, NYC.

03/16/2004 STAGE PLAY READING! On 03/29/2004 there will be a reading of Darren Callahan's three-act stage play "Water Pressure" -- a story of time travel -- to be performed at Breadline Theater, 1802 West Berenice Corner of Ravenswood and Berenice, (near intersection of Addison and Lincoln), in Chicago, IL. Admission is free. 7 pm Central.

03/09/2004 NEW SONGS! 100% of the song clips on dc.com have now been updated with mp3 quality sound! Gone are the days of the 1999 site launch and the thin sounding Internet music. Rejoice! Download a track today! (Songs can be found on the SONGS page of each album.)

03/04/2004 FUTURE PANEL! The next "Of Dark & Stormy Nights" mystery conference, held in Chicago June 12, 2004, will feature a panel moderated by Darren Callahan. "Is Your Novel A Work Of Art?" will discuss writer integrity, art vs. commerce, and plain old selling out. Also on the panel will be bestsellers Steve Monroe ("57, Chicago"), Jennifer O'Connell ("Bachelorette #1"), and Richard Lindberg ("Return To The Scene of the Crime"). Stay tuned for further details...

02/25/2004 Live reading scheduled! On Monday March 8, Darren Callahan will be reading from his collection "Blind In One Eye" at the Red Lion on Lincoln and Fullerton (across from the Biograph) in Chicago, IL. Scheduled time is 7:30 PM Central, $4 at the door. The event is upstairs. Sponsored by the Twilight Tales. See LINKS page for TT website. Also reading will be the amazing Melanie Tem.

1/20/2004 Short new Darren Callahan play, "The Essentials," available! Click this link and scroll to the bottom for details.

1/19/2004 Available now! A reissue of the 1978 mystery novel "Anything For A Friend" by Darren Callahan's father, Ronald J. Callahan! Click this link and scroll to the bottom for details.

1/7/2004 The Record Changer magazine ran a 'Best of 2003' albums list from Darren Callahan in the December issue. Click here for the list. Plus, because sometimes people ask about influences, click here for a list of all the books DC read in 2003.

12/15/2003 Two new TEENAGE BLACKOUT CDs now available! Click here to read about "Alarm Clock World," and click here to read about "The Globe Hotel."

12/9/2003 Latest Darren Callahan novel now available! Click here to read about "Four Seasons In One Day"!

12/1/2003 Unearthed! 1998 concert review of the band THE CHURCH by Darren Callahan from the magazine NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST.

11/25/2003 DJ POWDA "Fight The Powda" CD now released to the world! Click here for details.

11/21/2003 New Stage Play! Click here to read about "Water Pressure"!

10/20/2003 Darren Callahan's one act stage play "Throw The Control Darts" will have a reading at the Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL USA, on Tuesday, October 28, 2003 at 7 pm Central, admission is free. The event is open only to members of the Chicago Dramatists, The Playwright Exchange, local writers or actors. Send an email if you'd like to attend but are unsure of seats!

10/07/2003 "New Voices In Horror -- A Night of 5 Authors!" On Monday October 20, Darren Callahan will be reading a brand new story, "The Invisible Wire," at the Red Lion on Lincoln and Fullerton (across from the Biograph) in Chicago, IL. Scheduled time is 7:30 PM Central, $4 at the door. The event is upstairs. Sponsored by the Twilight Tales. See LINKS page for TT website.

10/06/2003 Bootleg OO OO WA live album released! Click here for details!

10/01/2003 New Darren Callahan short story collection available! Click here for information on BLIND IN ONE EYE.

09/25/2003 Darren Callahan and the Audrey Green Chronicles featured in this week's Chicago Reader!

09/16/2003 New reissue! BRAZILDISC presents a limited edition 4 CD box set of OO OO WA "Screen Kiss," the 1993 pop album featuring Darren Callahan. Click here for details!

09/01/2003 Darren Callahan short story "Turn Signals" featured in the September issue of Newtopia Magazine!

8/25/2003 For a preview of an upcoming new Darren Callahan short story anthology, click here.

08/20/2003 Darren Callahan live reading scheduled!
Chicago Authors Night, sponsored by Newtopia Magazine. 8 pm Central, Friday, September 26th, 2003, Quimby's Bookstore 1854 W. North Avenue (2 blocks east of Damen & Milwaukee), Chicago, 773-342-0910. Also reading will be Charles Shaw, Paul McComas, and cin salach!

07/02/2003 New Stage Play! Click here to read about "Two Girls Kissing."

5/28/2003 Darren Callahan public reading scheduled!
On Monday June 9, Darren Callahan will be reading at the Red Lion on Lincoln and Fullerton (across from the Biograph) in Chicago, IL. Scheduled time is 7:30 PM Central, $4 at the door. One other author will be reading. The event is upstairs. Sponsored by the Twilight Tales Featured Author Series. See LINKS page for TT website.

05/27/2003 New article by Darren Callahan in The Record Changer -- 25 Perfect Pop Songs.

5/1/2003 New Darren Callahan-penned stage play "Throw The Control Darts"! Click here for details.

04/24/2003 Darren Callahan live reading at the Cincinnati Academy of Art! Click here for details.

4/8/2003 Darren Callahan & Matt Hart present the re-issue of an ITALIAN AVIATION CD entitled "1975"! Click here for the scoop on this unusual project.

3/18/03 Introducing the producer for the next Darren Callahan album, Liam Callahan.

2/11/2003 New compilation CD released! "Saint James Station" features the best of 'the ambient' Darren Callahan affiliations, plus the previously unreleased title track. Click here for details!

11/5/2002 Just released! New three-in-one edition of "The Audrey Green Chronicles"! That's right, the entire series in one volume. Click here for details!

08/12/2002 Exclusive MP3.com tracks now available for TELEGRAPH and TEENAGE BLACKOUT!

07/30/2002 TELEGRAPH featured on a new tribute album for singer Steve Kilbey (of The Church)!
Click here for details.

07/23/2002 New TRAVEL album "A Sleep + A Wake" available now! Click here for details!

07/05/2002 Read a PETER GABRIEL article written by Darren, appearing in July 02's zine "THE RECORD CHANGER."

07/02/2002 Now available, lyrics & MP3s of TRAVEL "Me & My Friend Noise!"

6/7/2002 New Release! Introducing Liam Callahan!

05/24/2002 A reprint of a March 01 feature on Darren Callahan can be found here.

02/10/2002 New promo shot! Easy on the rock star posings, heavy on the writerly pretensions.

2/5/2002 New TRAVEL album "Me & My Friend Noise" available now! Click here for details!

1/15/2002 New double album! 2-disc set "Stellar Lovers" by Telegraph available now! Click here for Vol. 1, click here for Vol. 2.

1/7/2002 - Audrey Green website now on-line!
Fans of the book can get clues and insight!

1/5/2002 - My brother got published!

11/27/2001 Now On Sale! 18 - song retrospective CD, "Break Fix Anniversary" from Darren Callahan, spanning 1993-2001, including previously unreleased and remastered tracks!

New novel THE TRAVELS OF AUDREY GREEN now on sale

10/29/01 - Hey, did you know I had a brother?

8/6/2001 New production of "Carnival Of Spies" now available! Write for how to buy!

7/3/2001 -- New Darren Callahan releases available now! THE SEARCH FOR AUDREY GREEN, TEENAGE BLACKOUT "Berlin Record", OO OO WA "Party Favor" limited edition!

5/28/01 - For this picture to make sense, see here. It was like meeting Brian Wilson.

1/5/2001 New novel 6 THE RISE now on sale

11/10/2000 New OO OO WA album? Click here for details.

11/9/2000 On the writing side, Darren Callahan is putting the finishing touches on a very lengthy and dark new novel, entitled 6 THE RISE.
It should be available for purchase early next year, so stay tuned.

11/5/2000 Darren realizes Rob Halford is perhaps the coolest man alive,
and buys every JUDAS PRIEST album on CD.

8/29/2000 New TRAVEL album available now! Read Darren's shameless email for details!

6/1/2000 - Flash! Travel has new record label, Deary Me Records. Better distribution, more money, album still out this summer!

6/1/2000 - Unearthed! 1972 modeling gig in an Easter flower ad.

4/1/2000 - New Travel album has been completed - to be released this summer on Starfish Records.

4/1/2000 - mp3's of Teenage Blackout, Travel, and Telegraph are available at mp3.com.

4/1/2000 - RADIO DARREN CALLAHAN available at sonicnet!

4/1/2000 - OO OO WA's big-budget "Rocketship" video now available
on musicvideos.com

Witness impromptu half-assed Life & Times reunion in NYC, Nov. '99!

11/1/1999 - web page construction completed!

TELEGRAPH's biggest hit "Here Come The Bugs" can now be downloaded in MP3 format from amazon.com

Teenage Blackout is featured on Modulator Radio.

Darren Callahan's short story "A Lifetime Supply of Fool's Gold"
appears in the Fall 1999 issue of The Crawling Eye. Send an email if you'd like to know how to get a copy.

7/1/1999 - The music of Teenage Blackout was recently used in the cool cyber-show "Duplicating Duluth."
"The World Against Me" played during the opening credits, and "Vista Larga" was heard for a flash at the end.

Telegraph is contributing a song to seminal Aussie band The Church's tribute album. If you want a preview of "My Birthday, The Moon Festival," click here!

Travel is working on album #2 - due next year, the album is called "This Is Our Not Music." If you want to hear a bit of
"Penniless, Straight Up and Down," click here!

Web page grand opening! 5/1/1999