Oh no!!! He's been reduced to begging!!!

'Tis true…

I've got a new album out and I'm calling in all favors.

On Tuesday August 29, 2000, the new TRAVEL album "This Is Our ~Music" is being released, and, man, could we use your support. As you may know, the first TRAVEL album was released in 1998 on STARFISH RECORDS. I loved, loved, loved that record but it didn't sell all that hot. Now the second one is equally cool, and it's on a brand new label, DEARY ME RECORDS. It took a lot of courage for DEARY ME to stand behind the album and say, "Yes, here's some money."

It's not a pop album, I admit. I'll make another one of those again someday. Really. But not now. I guarantee the CD isn't like anything you've heard before. This will be the strangest, highest CD you will ever own. Guaranteed! It's really noisy, but it's also really beautiful. (Not noisy like metal, like METALLICA or something…noisy like full of feedback and sudden changes and broken to bits.) It will be a rough first listen, but you will LOVE it after the fifth.

I want people to hear the record, but the only way you can is to actually just buy it. I know, I know…money's tight…kids to feed, cars to gas-up, PHISH albums to buy. I don't care-not one is a good excuse…well, except for maybe the kid thing. But you can walk to work, and hell, bootlegs of PHISH can be bought for a quarter out of the back of some proto-hippie's 1999 VW "bus."

There's nothing like the untested faith of a brand new record label, and, at my ripening age (in rock years, anyway), you don't get too many second chances to prove yourself. If nothing else, think of your purchase as a donation to the arts--better than a contribution to PBS, with a lot less interruptions in your educational programming.

If you can't find the album in a store, there's always the internet. Both these sites are great, and cheap, and you should take a look:





Please buy our little record! It's not much scratch -- less that $15. If you've ever got a free promo from me, or taped one from a friend, or have more than 2 of my 8 albums, you really should check it out.

Still not sure?

Surf on over to http://www.darrencallahan.com. Under the music section, there's a brand new page about the album. There are sound clips, really dumb pictures, lots of behind the scenes notes, etc.

Still want to hear more before you buy? (...'Cos gosh it sounds really noisy, Darren…)

Then check out http://www.mp3.com/travel, where there are free-yes FREE-MP3s for the techno-savvy kids.

Then there's always the record company site: http://www.dearymerecords.com, for exclusive photos and stuff.

I really can't beg any more…it's so tiring. But think of it this way, how often do I beg? I might pander, or scoff, or cynically deride, but I don't really beg much. If TRAVEL can just sell a small number, we can make another record, which, right now, is all we really want to do.

Please and thank you!

Darren Callahan,
Has-been At Large