A Notice To All OO OO WA Fans!

Isn't it about time I started selling something exclusive to the site?

Over the past couple years, I've had enough requests for rare or unreleased OO OO WA tracks, that I've decided to take a little survey. I do have in my possession something called the OO OO WA "Party Favor," which is an unreleased CD of lost demos, B-sides, alternate recordings, and live cuts. If I get enough requests for the disc, I'll do a short run and sell them exclusively over dc.com. It would contain the following:

1. Sniffing Glue (Matt Allison recording) - much faster than the version on "Valhalla"
2. Perfect Jackass ( Matt Allison recording) - different arrangement than "Valhalla"
3. Patients To The Starman (4-track demo) - much slower and more Bowie
4. Devil (live) - a fave we never got around to recording
5. Sleep With Me - a tune cut from "Valhalla"
6. First Star (live) - a very mellow encore song we did from time to time
7. Dead Singer (live)- a nice rocker
8. Somewhere With You (live) - sung by the backup singers
9. Breaking Glass (live)- a cover of the David Bowie classic from "Low"
10. Slumbergirl (live) - another show closer
11. Wheels Within Wheels (live) - a great Prince-like dance number that we never got around to recording
12. I'm Losing You (live) - a version of the John Lennon tune
13. Hats Off (demo) - greatest lyrics Nick ever wrote
14. What Women Wanted - "Map of the Moon" rarity
15. Mr. Variable - "Map of the moon" rarity
16. Give Me The Camera (demo) - a really funny demo, with Nick reading a snippets of "Wolfen" as lyrics
17. WXRT Christmas promo (Chicago) - an adaptation of our unrecorded song "Fireplace"

So, if you're interested send me an email, and if I get at least a moderate response, I'll do a run. Also, tell me if you would prefer CD or cassette. I was thinking maybe $10 for cassette, $20 for CD. Honestly, I don't know if anyone really remembers how cool these songs were. Not every one is brilliant, but they're all pretty fun. The live recordings are pristine quality, and were mixed before the band breakup. If you want a sample of the sound quality, "Forever & I," a hidden track from "Rock N' Roll Valhalla" may be a good reference point. Thanks!