"Under The Table"
is the film version of a stage short I did in 2010 for NUFAN Ensemble Theatre in Chicago. Glass City Films optioned my screenplay for "Documentia" and it led to conversations about other projects. We agreed "Under The Table" had possibilities and so I wore the hats of writer, director, and composer. Principle photography completed in May 2011 and post-production completed autumn 2011. Not sure what the eventual festival & distribution fate of the film may be at this time, but we all sure had a good time making it. It was a very talented team of actors and crew.

It's a horror movie -- well, technically a monster movie. The stage play, directed by the very talented Stefan Brun, was played as farce and worked beautifully. For film, though, I decided to make it super straight in a "what would you do" sort of mode. What's it like when you're having a pleasant dinner and something really freaky happens? Well, it'd be a little like this. Though we played it "for real," I'm sure it still has some over the top glee. I mean, by the time you see that finale of blood,, it's got to be ridiculous, right?

For the soundtrack, it's old school analog synth stingers and stabs. Because of the use of piano and synths, it's a bit like my score for "Spikes," but probably a lot less interesting. There's a small five note melody that carries most of "Under The Table," and it's really not enough for a full-blow soundtrack album. That is why I've chosen not to release it, but to just post the mp3s on this site for download. It's a cool 20 min. set of music (7 or so that made it into the film), really nicely recorded and mastered. But. Well. There's intentionally not a lot to it. It works great in the movie, but the cues are so short it's hard to put on your turntable. Therefore, in this extended edition, I've let the full cues play out as recorded.

Special thanks to everyone who helped pull the movie together. There are too many in the credits to list here in entirety, but of course I must mention John Klein, Cole Simon, Matt Oliva, and Mike Molenda, all of Glass City Films, without whom I would have made a far crappier movie, if left to my own devices.