The White Airplane


Original Stage Production Soundtrack

Eric Leonardson / Heath Hays

"The White Airplane" is a split release with our partners at Brazildisc. Not an official release for a fake film, as it's the score for a successful stage play produced in Chicago, IL in 2009, this is still a gem were proud to have part of our catalog

The majority of the music was composed on The Springboard, a custom instrument created by composer Eric Leonardson. From there, sound designer Heath Hays created overlapping infusions of the themes. Melodia player Anna Friz played on and co-wrote two tracks. The soundtrack also features one song by electronica band TEENAGE BLACKOUT, which was featured in a video teaser trailer of "The White Airplane;" the song "White Line Star" was from their album "Berlin Record" (2001) and was also used in the film "Travel" (2006.)

Release Date: April 2009


  • White As White
  • Pittsburgh Electric
  • Eko
  • Handwriting
  • Quite The Riddle
  • A Seige
  • Intermission
  • Madeline
  • White Line Star
  • Rough Stuff
  • Are You Hooked?
  • DejaVu
  • Human Hair and Bones
  • There Are Connections
  • Exchanges

Original soundtrack written and performed by Eric Leonardson

Sound design and additional treatments by Heath Hays

Track 8 by Darren Callahan, performed by Teenage Blackout, taken from the album Berlin Record (2001/CD/Starfish L.E.)