Aside from overseeing the mastering of this album, I had nothing to do with the music for this release. The score is by Christopher LaPorte, a very talented Chicago composer. Christopher scored a local theatre production called "Theories of the Sun," which I saw in 2010, and I really admired what he brought to the production. I started courting him for a release on Phantom Soundtracks, my record company that releases only soundtracks to non-existant films. Christopher's in high demand, though, having scored shows at Steppenwolf and other places, so it was a long time before he could complete this score. The final result was totally worth the wait, though.

Unlike other Phantom Soundtracks, where the idea is create, the script written, then the lobby stills taken, this was out of order. I had the idea when passing Promissary Point, a local park. As it was already April/May 2011 and soon buds would be on the trees. I had to move fast to put together a storyboard, cast, and crew to "film" the movie in a couple weeks. I really wanted the look of this production to be very different from "Alien Terrain," the last release, and "Spikes," the release before that, so I chose to shoot in black and white. Jim Luning did his usual fantastic job with the photography.

As well, Emily Granata, who I met when she was an on-set photographer for my movie "Under The Table," delivered a cool old school poster. Blaise Barton did his usual best on an all-analog master to make the record nice and warm. And the cast -- a group of actors I've worked with before and admired, all with great 1950s/1960s looks -- really nailed the very low budget recreation of a look. We chose late wave noir since we didn't want to go all hard-boiled Hammett, instead choosing a softer, more European noir.

What wil be the next "film" from Phantom Soundtracks? Stay tuned...