Nothing too significant to report on this one except: 1) back working with director John Klein on a fun horror flick inspired by his newborn baby; 2) this is my first ever streaming/download only release, no accompanying CD (and for that reason, it doesn't feel quite finished to me); 3) My daughter Charlotte does an amazing job singing on the Italian titles and some other bits and pieces -- I'd work with her anytime, a real one-take wonder; 4) first project to really feature my Prophet 8 synthesizer and I totally love it; 5) the sound queues were so short for the movie because I didn't score to picture this time, only gave about 45 min. of music to insert as the team felt might work; therefore, the soundtrack album has a "grouping" song order that is pretty unique, in order to make it have any sort of flow at all. Anyway, not a huge project for me, but a lot of fun and definitely wanna do it again.